Dear Rich Township Families,

Over the past two weeks, the Rich Township High School administrative team has identified several acts of verbal aggression and/or fighting on school grounds. The fighting has mostly occurred in the school hallways and cafeteria and has been spread over social media, which has created a considerable distraction from the great work that most of our students are doing.

Our investigations determined that a small group of students have been participating in the disturbances, while other students are recording and distributing videos on TikTok and Instagram. This negative propaganda of our students is not reflective of the vast majority of our students.

Students and parents should know that the Rich Township High School administration takes these offenses very seriously. The consequences for fighting may include suspension, expulsion, and reporting to the local police department. We are asking parents/guardians to speak with their children about this situation and to discuss the importance of appropriate behavior at school.

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Dr. Johnnie Thomas