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Rich Township High School District 227 News Article

Remote Learning - April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020


Dear Rich Township Students, Staff, and Families,


Thank you in advance for your flexibility during this unprecedented time. Yesterday, during a 2:30 PM COVID-19 (coronavirus) update, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced an extension to the “Stay-at-Home” order and the Illinois K-12 school closures for the entire state through Thursday, April 30th. This order essentially commands residents to stay home in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus. We ask for your continued support as we attempt to navigate this uncharted territory. 


We are working to stay current with all the changes occurring at the federal and state level, so some of the dates in this communication may change. However, we want to update you on the plan to move from Act of God days to remote learning days.


What is a remote learning day?

A remote learning day is defined as an educational program designed to provide continuation of learning and opportunities for engagement for students under conditions that prohibit the learner and instructor from being in the same physical space. 

Our remote learning days will support the following goals:

1.     Ensure students are safe and feel connected to the school community. 

2.     Provide remediation for students who have not yet demonstrated proficiency in learning goals prior to Monday, March 16.

3.     Provide enrichment for all students with feedback to enhance learning and help prepare students for future coursework when we return to traditional learning. Enrichment is defined broadly and may include content that was originally planned for the fourth quarter of the school year. 

Remote learning days will begin Monday, April 6. We will allow the remainder of this week for transition to and planning for remote learning days. We will still be using our state-approved e-learning plan, with which our students and staff are already familiar. We will continue to use the A/B Block Days format Monday to Thursday, similar to summer school. Fridays will be teacher planning days, used to plan for remote learning activities, grading, and professional development. Click here for the April rotation schedule.


Staff Expectations

Teachers will continue to follow the attendance expectations of the E-Learning Plan.

Teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities for students by posting assignments and expectations in Schoology. The assignments should be reasonable and allow students to improve their skills. Pre-AP/AP teachers should continually visit College Board’s website to seek opportunities to support students in preparing for exams. Teachers should participate in meetings (including IEP meetings) as invited.

Teachers will assign points/grades as “Pass” or “Incomplete”. The grade of “Pass” shall be reported in a format that will “do no educational harm” to the overall grade. Teachers will provide students with multiple opportunities to earn credit for assignments. Opportunities for engagement throughout the week might include a lesson exit slip, an individual or class community check-in, and/or a brief assignment.

Students who have not actively engaged in the Act of God days should be contacted by the teacher, counselor, and/or division lead (in that order), and explain the expectations for remote learning days vs. Act of God days. All contacts should be logged in PowerSchool. 

Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with their course teams to provide consistency in assignments and expectations.

Student Expectations

Students are encouraged to continue the learning process during remote learning days. Students will complete the work assigned by their teachers and posted on Schoology. 

Students are required to check in by completing the form link posted in Schoology every day.  Students who do not engage in remote learning for the fourth quarter will earn a grade of “I” (Incomplete).

The semester grade for students earning an incomplete for the fourth quarter will be an Incomplete (I) for the semester. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will need to complete 80% of all assignments per class posted to avoid a grade of Incomplete for the quarter or semester.  Seniors will need to complete 60% of all assignments per class posted by May 8, 2020, to avoid a grade of Incomplete for the quarter or semester.

Please click here for additional information for seniors

Please click here for additional information for AP students.

Please click here for additional information for students enrolled in dual credit and dual enrollment courses.

Please click here for additional information for students enrolled in credit recovery.


Teacher – Student Communication

Teachers will communicate with students through their school email accounts, as well as other methods through Schoology. Students should check their school email accounts daily. 




Teachers may assign the following grades: A, B, C, or I. Grades are based on the following scores: 

  • A (90-100)
  • B (80-89)
  • C (70-79)
  • I (69 or below)

The second semester will be weighted 50/50 and the final exam will be waived. Any student who earned an “F” for the third quarter and does not complete any work to improve their overall grade will earn an Incomplete (I) for the semester. If a student has not yet completed work, teachers must put an 'M' for missing assignments in the grade book.


Work completed March 16-April 3 (Act of God days) will be extra credit for fourth marking period. All students will also have multiple opportunities to improve their grades. Students will have the opportunity to resolve incompletes, as well. 


What is the schedule for April and May 2020? 

Please see the list of key dates below:

  • Act of God Days: March 16-April 3, 2020
  • Remote learning days begin April 6, 2020. 
  • Spring Break: April 10-17.
  • Seniors’ last day of instruction will be May 8, 2020. 
  • The fourth marking period will begin April 6 and end May 26, 2020 (7 weeks). There will be no semester exam days.

Device Distribution Information

If students have not picked up a device and need a Chromebook or cell phone with hotspot capabilities (1 Million Device), parents must click the link below to complete the online request form by 3:30 p.m. on Monday, April 6:


The devices will be distributed to all District 227 students at Rich Central on Wednesday, April 8, from 2 to 4 p.m., outside Door 8.

Parents will need to have their student's ID and have completed the online form to receive a device or hot spot.

Food Services Information

There will be no food service Wednesday, April 1, as previously communicated, because of an issue with food supplies. We will resume food service next week on Monday and Wednesday from 10 to 11 a.m. 

Driver’s Education for Sophomores

Sophomore students who are enrolled in driver’s education this semester will have the following options: 

  1. Have first priority for behind the wheel in summer school, if available.
  2. Have first priority for behind the wheel during 2020-21 school year.
  3. Request a refund. 


State assessments—including the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, SAT, DLM-AA, the Illinois Science Assessment, and Constitution Exam—are all suspended for Spring 2020.


Due to the extension of the stay-at-home order, spring sports have been canceled. Summer camp information will be communicated at a later date.


We want to thank you again for your patience and understanding as we have dealt with these unprecedented times. Thank you, as always, for your continued support in keeping our students engaged and on track for remote learning success. I wish I could talk to you all in person, but this video message will have to do for now. In it, I share some of the work we are doing and plan to do to support our students and staff during the extended closure. Also, be sure to visit www.rich227.org for updates.


Please stay strong and healthy. We will get through this together. Once again, thank you.




Dr. Johnnie Thomas


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