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To increase the safety of our students and improve communication about their location while riding district-provided transportation, District 227 is introducing new technology to its school transportation fleet with a solution called Ride 360. Ride 360 app is available to all District 227 families at no cost and allows parents and guardians to see an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the bus arriving at their child's specific bus stop.

Please contact the transportation department at, if you have any issues linking your student in the app.

iPhone - Apple store

Android - Google play

Parent/Guardian Guide for Ride 360

Transportation Guidelines

 - Transportation is provided to all students residing more than 1.5 miles away from district schools.

 - Bus stops are no more than 0.5 miles from the student's home.

 - Make sure you are at your bus stop fifteen (15) minutes before your designated time. 

- If a bus is overcrowded, students will need to wait for the next run.

 - Make sure to clarify with the bus driver where the bus will be dropping. Some stops are on both FAC and STEM routes

 - If you catch a bus to the opposite campus of your classes, please locate the shuttle to bring you to your home campus. 

 - Masks are required to be worn to board the bus.

Business & Operations Vision 

Business and Operations will strive to provide fiscal and operational resources, support, and services that align with academic achievement to ensure students have opportunities to thrive. 

Business & Operations Mission 

The mission of Business and Operations is to help educators focus on students and student success by providing safe and clean facilities, nutritious meals, innovative and sustainable technology, and reliable transportation while being fiscally responsible. 


One of the primary goals of student transportation is to provide safe and efficient ways of transporting students to and from school.

 2023-2024 FAC Bus Route Times and Locations - COMING SOON (CLICK THE LINKS BELOW)

FAC - Freshmen/Sophomore Drop Off

FAC - Junior/Senior Drop Off

FAC - Late Start Wednesday Drop Off

2023-2024 STEM Bus Route Times and Locations - COMING SOON (CLICK THE LINKS BELOW)

STEM - Freshmen/Sophomore Drop Off

STEM - Junior/Senior Drop Off

STEM - Late Start Wednesday Drop Off

Night School Routes - COMING SOON

Night School Bus Stops

2023-2024 Inter Campus Shuttle Schedule - COMING SOON

Shuttle Times

2023-2024 Activity Routes - COMING SOON (CLICK THE LINK BELOW)

Activity Runs

Contact Information

T Middleton

Tracy Middleton

Director of Business Services and Transportation
708-679- 5720(Office)

Transportation Department:

FAC Transportation Support

(708) 679-3030

STEM Transportation Support

(708) 679-5793

Transportation Services provided by 

Illinois School Bus

(708) 389-4545

Please contact the bus company for the estimated time of arrival for bus stops.