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Voice Recognition


Art works are some of the highest achievements of civilization. In school, students learn the different expressions of the art and how to interpret visual images. Because the arts are both universal and culturally specific, they are powerful means of increasing international and intercultural awareness. Through the art, student gain a greater understanding of their own cultural heritage, as well as a sense of the larger community.

Students will be able to know the language of the arts. The visual use of sensory elements and principles to create art work. Students will learn to understand the similarities, distinctions and connections in and among the arts.

Students will create works of art and thereby understand the technical aspects of producing an artwork. Students will use both the traditional and modern processes to create artwork.

Students will understand the role of the arts in civilizations past and present. Students will learn how art has impacted everyday life. They will also analyze how art functions in history and in everyday life.

The Benefits of the Art Program

Students experience learning using a hands-on philosophy.
Learning is more holistic in the art classroom, using a variety of skills, including mathematics and reading.
Students gain valuable real life experience through the creation of work of art.
Students learn and experience different cultures though artwork.
Students experience fulfillment and satisfaction with a tangible finished product.
Students explore career opportunities.
Students can earn college credits while still in high school.
A student’s education becomes more complete with an education in the arts.
Students gain a deeper self-awareness.
Art creates an emotional outlet for the student.
Students learn how to think critically, creatively and use evaluation skills.
Students get real life experience in problem-solving techniques.
Students enjoy the personal satisfaction of creating works of art.

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