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Voice Recognition

Superintendent Office

Mission and Vision Statement

Belief Statements

We believe that student success is more likely to occur …

  1. when all of our stakeholders are treated with respect in a safe, caring learning environment.
  2. when the voices of our students, our staff, our parents, our alumni, our communities, and our school board are heard, considered, and addressed.
  3. when the unique identity of our students is valued and celebrated. when our students are exposed to our rich cultural diversity.
  4. when the school district works in partnership with our communities.
  5. when positive, collaborative relationships are developed between our students and the adults who work with them.
  6. when social/emotional skills as well as academic skills are emphasized.
  7. when student work products reflect communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and self-discovery.
  8. when students have the best educational experience for their individual post-secondary success.

Vision Statement

We envision a culturally relevant, innovative school district that provides a foundation of opportunities for our students to thrive.

Mission Statement

The mission of Rich Township High School District 227 is to sustain a focus on students and on student success.

Goal Statements

  1. Develop a clear focus on students and on the quality of experiences and supports provided to students.
  2. Ensure that quality teaching and learning is supported in a climate and culture of trust and positive relationships.
  3. Ensure structures are in place that result in increased student, staff, and community commitment to and ownership of the direction of the district.
  4. Provide development and support for professional staff transitioning from roles focused primarily on management to roles focused on leadership.
  5. Develop a district-wide communication plan that is sensitive to the needs and interests of key audiences served and that makes clear what the school district is trying to accomplish.


Focused on students and student success

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