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Welcome to Rich Township High School!

Information for New Students 2020-2021 School Year 
You must reside in District 227 to attend Rich Township High School - STEM (formerly Rich Central) or Fine Arts and Communications Campus (formerly Rich South). 
In-person registration for the 2020-21 school year for new students at STEM and Fine Arts and Communications campuses will take place in July 2020 by appointment only. We are asking families to schedule their registration appointment as soon as possible once the scheduling form is available. This will ensure your child is included in the planning for class assignments.

Please gather key information like emergency contact information, doctor information and medications your child needs prior to beginning the registration process.
Unsure if your home lies within our district boundaries?  Click here for our 5Maps interactive boundary tool.
Note: This is information was last updated August 5, 2020. The enrollment process may change throughout the summer and will be updated as needed. 

Hybrid or Remote Learning Selection

In order for our campuses to adequately plan for hybrid learning, families must select their preference for hybrid or remote learning. Parents must opt-out of hybrid learning for the first quarter of the school year during the online registration process no later than Friday, August 7, by 3:30 pm. Parents who do not submit their preference will be defaulted into hybrid learning.  Returning students should complete this form during the online registration process.
If you have already completed the online registration process and did not opt-out of hybrid learning, please CLICK HERE.
If you have already completed the online registration process and elected to participate in remote learning, and would like to switch to hybrid learning, please CLICK HERE.

Incoming Freshmen

All incoming freshmen and new students will have to complete an online registration and an in-person enrollment.

Online Registration

All incoming freshmen must complete the online registration process using the unique ‘SnapCode’ that will be emailed to you. Additional information and the portal link will be included in the email.

Please gather key information like emergency contact information, doctor information and medications your child needs prior to beginning the registration process.

We are asking families to schedule physicals as soon as possible. They will be required for your in-person appointment along with their immunization records. If your student has not had their physical, you must present an appointment card or letter at enrollment. 

9th Grade

Completed Illinois State health physical (sports physical forms are not acceptable) 

immunization records

dental exam

Click here to download the Illinois Health Physical Form.

Click here  to see the list of required health immunizations.

Click here to download the dental examination form.

Once the online registration process is completed, parents will have access to schedule their in-person enrollment appointment. 

Parents will receive an email confirmation of their appointment.  

In-Person Enrollment

Once the online registration process is completed, parents will be immediately directed to the MyConferenceTime link to schedule their in-person enrollment appointment. All appointments will take place at the STEM Campus (formerly known as Rich Central) regardless of the student’s attendance boundary.

In-person appointments begin July 20 – July 30 and are limited per day. You must schedule your appointment for one of the following days and times using the MyConferenceTime link provided at the completion of the online registration. Parents will receive an email confirmation of their appointment date and time:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

8 am -12 pm

1 pm - 3 pm


10 am - 1 pm 

4pm - 7 pm

Appointments are limited per day.

Please bring the following documents with you for in-person enrollment. 




immunization records

dental exam

Proof of 



(Four documents required)

One of the following:

Driver’s license

State or other photo ID

One of the following:

Current lease

Current mortgage statement

Parent (if not the homeowner)

Driver’s license with current address

Proof (2) with current address

Notarized Affidavit of residency 

2 of the following:

Electric bill

Water bill

Gas bill

Car insurance

Phone bill 

Cable bill

Tax bill

Car registration

Village car sticker

Public aid

Medicaid card



Credit card statement

Bank statement

Home/renters insurance






(if applicable)

divorce decree

custody agreements 

guardianship papers 

906 placement forms

Social Distancing Guidelines

For the safety of all staff and families participating in online enrollment, the district is following the following guidelines per the State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Health. 

  • All staff will be wearing PPE.
  • All family members must wear a mask in order to enroll their child. 
  • There will be a strict 2-person limit per household.  No siblings will be allowed.
  • Only families with a confirmed appointment will be allowed to enroll their child. 
Due to social distancing, we are not accepting walk-in appointments.

New Students

All students new to the district will need to make an appointment with the registrar. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. 

Please email the appropriate campus registrar at: 


STEM (formerly Rich Central) 


Fine Arts & Communications (formerly Rich South) 


Returning Students

All returning 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will complete registration online. The district will e-mail SNAP codes and directions for completing the online registration. 

We are asking families to schedule exams as soon as possible for any needed immunizations.

These documents will be required to complete registration. More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

10th Grade

dental exams

12th Grade

updated immunizations 

If families have more than one student in each of these categories, parents will need to register each student. 

Campus Registrars

STEM Campus Registrar
Ms. Greta Allen 
email: [email protected] 

Fine Arts and Communication Campus Registrar
Ms. Paula Kuzeja
email: [email protected]
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