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E-Learning FAQ

E-Learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is the district mandating e-learning? 

In order to stay true to our mission of focusing on students and student success, we feel it is necessary to provide an opportunity for students to maintain their learning and reinforce critical skills during the extended school closure. 


Will e-learning assignments count in fourth quarter grades?  

The Illinois State Board of Education is recommending that any student work completed during the mandated statewide school closure not count toward student grades or otherwise impact a student’s academic standing. However, as we do not yet know the full extent of the closure and want to minimize any negative effects on students, schools may allow student work to count—during the closure only—to increase a student’s academic standing. 


Will teachers grade e-learning assignments? 

Any work completed by students will be recorded in the gradebook in PowerSchool. A letter grade will not be assigned, but teachers will provide feedback on assignments in order to improve skills and promote the revision of work. Assignments will not be graded, but monitored for participation.


Will e-learning assignments count as extra-credit? 

E-learning assignments can be used to increase a student’s academic standing. A teacher may count these assignments as extra credit.  


Do students have to complete e-learning assignments? 

Our students and teachers have been working hard this school year to increase proficiency in reading and math and prepare for success on the state assessment, certifications, and AP exams. While students are not required to complete assignments during the Act of God days (March 17-30), we want this great progress to continue and encourage our students to complete e-learning assignments.  


What happens if a student does not complete his e-learning assignment? 

Students’ grades will not be negatively affected if they do not complete e-learning assignments. Our teachers will be monitoring at home learning activity through Schoology.

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