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Culture and Climate

About the Culture and Climate Office

An exemplary school district creates a climate in which everyone is valued and committed to the Mission and Vision. To achieve this, the Rich Township community will:

  • Create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. 
  • Maintain open communication and collaboration among students, personnel, parents, community, and the Board of Education. 
  • Promote, recognize and celebrate achievements. 
  • Establish clear and consistent expectations for behavior. 
  • Develop and sustain relationships characterized by tolerance, respect, and acceptance. 
  • Provide a secure, safe, and clean physical environment.
The Culture and Climate Office is committed to promoting a safe learning environment for students and staff at Rich Township High School. The Coordinators and Deans oversee the school's discipline code which promotes mutual respect among students and staff and protects the rights of all individuals to pursue their education. In accordance with RTHS’s equity and vision statements, RTHS students and staff commit to the following core beliefs about discipline:

Discipline at RTHS:
  • Ensures the right of all students to learn in a safe environment.
  • Primarily uses consistent, school-wide prevention and intervention, focusing on instruction and restorative practices.
  • Promotes a shared responsibility throughout the school for problem-solving by all students and staff.
  • Acknowledges and honors individual student’s identities and developmental needs.
  • Seeks to model, teach, and reinforce students’ and adults’ social-emotional skills (i.e., self-management, self awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making).
  • Involves a cooperative and collaborative effort among students, parents/guardians, and staff.

The Culture and Climate office engages in preventative problem solving with students to guide each student's social and emotional learning. The Coordinators and Deans utilize interventions and skill-building opportunities to ensure that every student has a voice in any situation of wrongdoing and can use critical thinking skills to make positive decisions.

The primary functions of the Climate and Culture Office are:
  •  Handle issues related to student behavior
  •  Provide students with assistance on potential safety issues such as bullying or harassment
  • Aid students and families for special attendance situations
  • Oversee detention clearance
  • Assist students with problem-solving

    Behavior Interventions Used:
  •  Positive behavior supports
  •  Attendance Guidelines
  •  Detention
  •  Lunch Detention
  •  Extended Detention
  •  Intervention Plan
  •  Peer Conference
  •  Social Probation
  •  Suspension

    Attendance Interventions Used:
  •  Positive behavior supports
  •  Attendance Guidelines
  •  Attendance Mediation

Mr. Brendan McHugh
Coordinator of School Culture, Climate & Community Relations
Phone: 708-679-5816
Twitter: @BrendanMchugh18 

Mr. Quincy Owens
Coordinator of School Culture, Climate & Community Relations
Phone: 708-679-5817

Ms. Michelle Brumfield
Coordinator of School Culture, Climate & Community Relations
Phone: 708-679-5680

Mr. Nick Ochoa
Dean of Students
Phone: 708-679-5897

Mr. Stephen Walker, Jr.
Dean of Students
Phone: 708-679-5827
Twitter: @mrwalkerRC227
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