Class of 2020 Information

Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition

Class of 2020 Information

Graduation Instructions

Pre-Graduation Activities 

=       Valedictorian and Salutatorian addresses will be prerecorded during the week of May 11th 

=       Board President, Superintendent and Principal speeches will be pre-recorded during the week of May 11th  

=       Students will pick up cap and gown. See Senior Timeline.  

Before the Ceremony 

=       Respond whether you will attend the ceremony or not using the link. All students need to respond.  

=       RSVP with your name and email address. 

=       You will receive an appointment time by email.  

On the Day of Graduation  

=       Arrive with cap, gown, honor cords and tassel (on the right side of the mortarboard).  

=       Arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  

=       When student arrives, they will give their name to the staff member. 

=       See campus specific instructions regarding parking, entrance and exit:  

=       Student will pick up diploma packet which will contain, diploma, cover and any other awards/certificates after the ceremony.  

Tickets & Guests 

=       Up to two family members who have been sheltering in place with them will be allowed to attend the ceremony. 

=       Guests must have only traveled for essential reasons. If they cannot confirm this, they cannot participate as a guest in graduation. 

=       Tickets will not be collected.  No more than two family members will be allowed to enter.  All other family members must remain in the car.   

=       Upon entering, parents will be directed to a safe socially distant location to view the ceremony and take pictures.  


=       After their name is called, the student will walk across the stage and stand on the spot which will be at least 6 feet from the principal. 

=       A photographer will take a picture of the graduate with their diploma.  

=       After the picture is taken the student will move their tassel from the right to the left. 

=       Parents will be able to take a picture of their child while they are walking across the stage. 


=       No one will be allowed in the building without a mask. 

=       Both students and their guests must wear a mask. 

=       Students should not remove it until they take their picture.  

=       There will be a limited number of masks available for attendees who do not have one.  

=        Hand sanitizer will be available for attendees to use prior to entering the building.  

Dress Code 

The following dress code will be adhered to for the graduation ceremony:  

*No jeans or cut-offs 

*No gym shoes 

*Gentlemen must wear a dress shirt  

*Young women must wear appropriate dress clothing (no strapless dresses)  

*Graduates must wear dress shoes (It is recommended that heels should not be any higher than 4 inches.) 

Other Information 

An additional campus-specific communication will be sent to seniors regarding appointment time, instructions for entrance, parking, etc.  

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