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The Rich Township High School District 227 B.E.L.I.E.V.E. program is an alternative campus based program to meet the needs of IEP students that are struggling within the traditional classroom. B.E.L.I.E.V.E. strives to put supports in place for students so that they will return to their main classes with the academic skill set and social emotional stamina to engage in sustained academic success. The environment is one in which students are encouraged and taught to maximize their academic and behavioral potential. 

Communication and collaborative problem solving between home and school are the foundation and some of the main strengths of the program. The program is designed to provide parents, staff, and students with clear markers of changes in behaviors. The program is based on a point and level system. Students earn points during 6 periods of the school day, lunch, and transitions before and after school. The system provides an opportunity for students to earn “successful” days with higher expectations as they begin to develop more positive, appropriate behaviors, skill sets, and social-emotional functioning abilities. 

The program actively engages students in identifying areas in which they need to improve and make recommendations to correct those behaviors. This process also includes requirements for community service, acts of kindness, and academic achievement. This model gives students the experience of advocating for themselves, discussing their goals with other adults, and celebrating their successes on their current level. 


The district maintains membership in the SPEED Cooperative which assists the school district in fulfilling its obligation to the district’s special needs population. If necessary, students may also be placed in nonpublic special education programs or special education facilities.

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