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Rich South students see Hamilton
students, Chicago Theater, hamiltonThe Gilder Lehrman Institute partners with the producer of Hamilton and the Miranda Family on the Hamilton Education Program.  Qualifying high schools are invited to integrate Alexander Hamilton  and the Founding Era into classroom studies and then see the musical.  Before the students see the show, their teachers guide them through a unique, hands-on class project using Gilder Lehrman Institute resources to introduce the students to the people, events, and documents of the founding era. In addition, the students used that knowledge to produce their own performance pieces. such as poems, rap, monologues, songs or dance. Rich South High School was a qualifying high school thanks in part to the efforts of teacher Andrea Clark.  Over 30 students in the U.S. History class participated and enjoyed a day at the theater which included a Q&A session with cast members. Rich South students returned with a new appreciation of our government then and now, as well as, the added bonus of seeing work done by  minorities, and performed by minorities.