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Reward for Mr. Bonomo's AP Biology students

In advanced Biology, students take a practical assessment at the conclusion of each unit. The format is as follows: students are given an answer sheet with 75-85 blank lines. The test is set up at 25 different stations around the room. Each station contains an index card with questions pertaining to concepts, a model, a diagram, a calculation, or application in a Health Care profession. Each station has 3-5 questions. Students are rotated every 70 seconds to the next station until they have completed all 25 stations. There are no word banks, multiple choice, or true/ false questions.

The skills I am teaching besides content include: thinking under pressure, having the correct answer at the crucial moment (ER/ OR room), critical thinking, disseminating information quickly, analyzing text, interpreting graphs, organization of information, creating a sense of urgency, and finally building confidence within the to familiarize them with the high demand and stresses of the Health Career Field.

The reason for the celebration today 4th period is because this class had the highest mean score on the practical concerning the integument system. The mean score was a 77% overall. I recognized this level of effort because the class itself is a solid unit. The students work and collaborate so well. There are true leaders within this class and they assist other students and support each other. They are a great group of kids and needed a celebration to recognize their efforts in achievement. I am very proud of this group of students.

Thank you to Mr. Whitaker's support and the administrative team for allowing such a great event to take place.

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