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RICH EAST High School


Greetings Rich East Family,

We are so excited for the upcoming school year! Last year, we had several major accomplishments that allowed our students to find success. This included our 12 Illinois State Scholars, a career fair for all our students, the 8th Grade Step-Up Day, our football team making the playoffs, the Poms team going down state and our robotics team participating in state and national competitions. Our graduating seniors earned $6.5 million in scholarships to support their college tuition. Wow…what a year! 

This year, we have created additional opportunities for our students and staff to be successful. We have dedicated time throughout the school day to provide additional academic and social/emotional supports for our students. In addition, we have created opportunities for our teachers to have “common planning” time, which will assist them as they plan their lessons. 

To support our first-year students, we have created a Freshman Academy, where our freshmen will be taught by a select group of outstanding teachers. These teachers will also be provided common planning time to support our students as they prepare their lesson plans and discuss how we can best support our students. We have designated period 3X and 6 to be a common study hall for our freshmen and upper-classmen students. This time will give students a study hall and ample time throughout the day to work on projects and assignments, while also offering greater academic and social/emotional supports.

One of our goals is to increase our graduation rate to 92 percent. To make that happen, we must improve our students’ daily attendance rates. Every minute matters, and so it is important for students to be in class when the bell rings to start the day. We will continue to build our students’ power in the marketplace, increasing the college and career culture by providing students the opportunity to extend their knowledge of postsecondary options via college bus tours, meeting with college representatives, and developing individualized postsecondary plans, beginning in their freshman year. 

It is my hope that our warm, inviting environment will boost our parental involvement and foster a trusting relationship among our parents and community. We encourage your presence and involvement in your student’s educational experience. We look forward to maintaining our partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and feeder schools for our student body — from their transition to high school to internships and job-shadowing opportunities.

Our motto this year is: “Every Student, Every Day, Whatever It Takes!” The Rockets are destined for greatness! I look forward to working alongside you as we celebrate our Rockets' pride!


Dr. Albert Brass Jr.

Rich East High School


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