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Freshman Choir

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Cadet Choir

Cadet Choir


Concert Choir

Concert Choir

Concert Choir


Jazz Ensemble Honors

Jazz Ensemble/Jazz Lab Band

Intro to Musical Instruments

Cadet Band

Concert Band

Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band Honors


Percussion Ensemble

Music Technology

Percussion Ensemble

Music Technology
Music Technology

All Intro and Cadet Band percussionists must participate in Percussion Ensemble before advancing to Concert or Symphonic Band.

Note: Students enrolled in AP courses will be required to participate in additional activities outside of normal classroom time.


Works of music are some of the highest achievements of civilization. In school, students learn the different expressions of music and how to interpret sounds. Because music is both universal and culturally specific, it is a powerful means of increasing international and intercultural awareness. Through music, student gain a greater understanding of their own cultural heritage, as well as a sense of the larger community.

When students have completed selected studies in Music, they will, in the cognitive areas of education:

  1. develop ability to communicate ideas and feelings effectively
  2. develop skills in listening
  3. develop ability to examine constructively and creatively
  4. develop reasoning and problem solving abilities
  5. develop skills in the art of performing
  6. develop an understanding of the relationship between history, culture and the fine arts
  7. develop skills in music literacy

They will, in the affective areas of education:

  1. develop an attitude of respect for personal and public property
  2. develop knowledge and appreciation of the rights and privileges in our democracy
  3. develop a cooperative attitude toward living and working with others
  4. develop attitudes leading to acceptance of responsibilities
  5. develop a feeling of student pride in his/her achievement and progress
  6. develop the student’s feeling of positive self-worth, security, and self assurance
  7. develop an appreciation of good workmanship
  8. expand interest and abilities
  9. develop an awareness and the ability to react in a changing world and its problems
  10. develop an understanding of the past, identify with the present, and the ability to meet the future


STATE GOAL 25: Know the language of the arts.

STATE GOAL 26: Through creating and performing, understand how works of art are produced.

STATE GOAL 27: Understand the role of the arts in civilizations, past and present.

Course Number: Q10/11
Course Title: Freshman Chorus
Prerequisite: None

This beginning course in music is exploratory in nature, and provides students the opportunity to begin to develop skills, knowledge, understanding, and attitudes in vocal music. It is important that every student understands music as an art and has experience in performance. This course will provide students with the opportunity to express and develop their musical abilities through many and varied activities. This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge necessary to audition and qualify for participation in vocal groups at the sophomore level.

Course Number: Q15/16
Course Title: Percussion Ensemble
Prerequisite: Previous instrumental training in percussion arts

This class is designed to enhance percussion skills. Instruments taught in this class may include the following: snare drum, bass drum, timpani, bells, cymbals, and many more. Topics covered include different styles of music, rhythm, theory, and ear training.

Course Number: Q22/23
Course Title: Piano Lab
Prerequisite: None

This class is open to all students, beginner to advanced, interested in studying piano. The main focus is on the beginning student, however. Students will learn to read music and play the keyboard during this one semester class. Students are evaluated based on experience, if any, and placed at an appropriate level of music instruction. In addition to learning to read music, students will receive an introduction to basic music theory. Students progress at their own rate through practice at one of the keyboards in the sixteen keyboard lab.

Course Number: Q28/29
Course Title: Heritage Ensemble
Prerequisite: None

This class is a choral ensemble dedicated to the understanding and performance of African-American Music. A myriad of African-American music styles and composers will be studied including spirituals, blues, jazz and gospel music. In addition, tone production, rhythms, sight singing, intonation, dynamics and stage presence will be explored.

Course Number: Q30/31
Course Title: Cadet Choir
Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Cadet choir is a choral ensemble open to students in grades 10-12. This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge necessary to become competent musicians. Students will be introduced to basic vocal techniques, sight-singing, and performance skills. Performances are scheduled during the school year.

Course Number: Q32/33
Course Title: Concert Choir Honors
Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Same as Concert Choir with the addition of an individual project to be determined by the student and instructor.

Course Number: Q34/35
Course Title: Concert Choir
Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Performing choral ensemble for sophomore, junior and senior students. Admission by audition or instructor referral. Students demonstrate acquired skills through a variety of performance settings that promote exceptional musical literacy.

Course Number: Q50/51
Course Title: Intro to Musical Instruments
Prerequisite: None

This class is for students who want to learn an instrument if they have not previously participated in band. Basic music fundamentals are stressed during the year. Students successfully completing this class may expect to be promoted to the next level band for the following school year.

Course Number: Q60/61
Course Title: Cadet Band
Prerequisite: Consecutive years of previous band experience and/or by audition

Cadet Band is the class incoming freshmen can take to learn an instrument if they have not participated in band as a junior high student. Basic music fundamentals are stressed during the year, and band members successfully completing this class may expect to be promoted to the Concert Band for the next school year. Students who have dropped out of their beginning band class in the fifth or sixth grade may also elect to take this class if they are interested in once again participating in band.

Course Number: Q64/65
Course Title: Concert Band
Prerequisite: Audition by Band Director

Members of this group will further develop ensemble techniques as well as individual performance practices. Performance opportunities include: various performances and home football/basketball games.

Course Number: Q66/67
Course Title: Symphonic Band
Prerequisite: Audition by Band Director

This ensemble is the top-performing group. Students in this ensemble will be required to participate in the Marching Band and the Pep-Band. This group is an audition-based group. The director, through an audition process, will select participating band members. Course content will include: scales, rhythm, music vocabulary, theory, ear training and rehearsal and performances of a broad style of music.

Course Number: Q68/69
Course Title: Symphonic Band Honors
Prerequisite: Recommendation by Band Director

In addition to the requirements for Symphonic Band, students enrolled in Symphonic Band Honors must participate in the IMEA (Illinois Music Educators Association) audition process. Also students must participate in at least one event in the Solo and Ensemble Contest. The teacher will give extra assignments. Students are expected to complete an end of the year project.

Course Number: Q70/71
Course Title: Jazz Band Lab
Prerequisite: Audition by Band Director

This ensemble is open to members of the Cadet, Concert or Symphonic Band. This group works on basic fundamentals of playing jazz music. Beginning improvisation is taught as well as learning standard jazz repertoire.

Course Number: Q72/73
Course Title: Jazz Ensemble
Prerequisite: Audition by Band Director

This ensemble is open to members of the Cadet, Concert or Symphonic Band. Members of this group are expected to show proficiency in proper jazz style and ensemble technique. The jazz ensemble participates in jazz festivals and performs in public concerts.

Course Number: Q74/75
Course Title: Jazz Ensemble Honors
Prerequisite: Recommendation by Band Director

In addition to the requirements for Jazz Ensemble, students enrolled in Jazz Ensemble Honors must participate in the IMEA (Illinois Music Educator Association) audition process. The teacher will give extra assignments. Students are expected to complete an end of the year project.

Course Number: Q76/77
Course Title: AP Music Theory
Prerequisite: A Minimum of two Years of Study in any Applied Music Course (Credit Earned in Band or Choir), 11-12

This one-year course is designed to introduce students with advanced performance skills to first year college studies in music theory. The subject content will include theory, applied skills, and procedures. The course integrates aspects of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, elementary composition, and to some extent, history and style. Musicianship skills such as applied piano, aural skills (dictation and other listening skills) sight-singing, and harmony, and composition are included as part of this course. The ultimate goal of AP Music Theory is to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic notational and processes of music heard and/or presented in a score. The course will expand concepts and principles currently taught in applied music courses (band, choir, piano, etc.) to a collegiate level.

Course Number: Q82
Course Title: Music Survey
Prerequisite: None

A nonperformance class geared to expose students to a wide variety of musical styles, periods and cultures. Students demonstrate knowledge through a variety of activities including but not limited to musical analysis, movement and composition. Students will be assessed through tests, projects and quizzes.

Course Number: Q83
Course Title: Fundamentals of Solo Singing
Prerequisite: Approval of Choir Director

Fundamentals of Solo Singing is a class which is designed to educate the student in the art of performing vocal solos as opposed to choral music. Particular emphasis will be placed on learning proper tone placement, pitch, rhythm, breathing, diction, text and translations, expressiveness, and appropriate musical style. Students will work one-on-one with the instructor at least twice a week and will be expected to contribute constructive comments about the work of other students in the class.

Course Number: Q84/85
Course Title: Musical Theatre
Prerequisite: Grade 10-12

A non-performance class, this course will provide the student with an understanding of the development of musical theater in America, beginning with roots in the 19th century minstrel shows and continuing though the “Golden Age” of Broadway up to the most recent shows. Emphasis will be placed on recognition of plot outlines, identification of characters and hit musical selections, and the relationship of certain musicals to society as a whole. Some of the musicals to be studied include Show Boat, Porgy and Bess, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, West Side Story, and Miss Saigon. A field trip to a performance of a musical will be included in the semester’s activities.

Course Number: Q98/99
Course Title: Independent Studies: Music
Prerequisite: Recommendation of Instructor and Administrative Approval

Before final registration the student must obtain the approval of an instructor in the Music department under whom he/she will study. The instructor will base this approval both on an evaluation of the student’s ability and the program of study proposed by the student. The approved program must be submitted to the designated administrator for final approval. Independent Study is done on a Pass/Fail basis.

Course Number: Q100/101
Course Title: Music Technology I/II
Prerequisite: Conjunction with Piano Lab and Music Theory, Grade 10-12

This course is an introduction to expose students to basic music concepts using Theory and MIDI, Digital Audio, and Multi-media applications. Sound Systems, MIDI, Band In A Box, Master Tracks Pro MIDI Sequencing Software, PowerPoint, Sound Forge Digital Audio Editing and ACID Pro Looped Based Creation Software are studied. Upon Completion of this course with a C or better students will have the option of registering for Music Technology. Second semester is an advanced course that explores the real world application of Music Technology. Radio Commercials, The Art of Foley, Podcating, Film Scoring and Website Design are all studied using the applications learned in Music Technology I.
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