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Project: Save Our Boys
Project Save Our Boys is another way District 227 and Rich South are supporting the social and emotional development of our students. All males from our community are invited to join us as we constructively support the next generation of male leaders. 
Sachen Emery featured on the cover of the Prairie State College Spring Catalog
Congratulations to Rich Central alumnus Sachen Emery on being selected for the cover of the Prairie State College Spring 2016 Catalog! ‪#‎rich227pride‬ 
Job Shadowing Experience for students
The Job Shadowing Experience will provide an opportunity for our students to spend a day with a business professional who performs a job or career the students have shown interest in. T

The student will get an invaluable lesson of what that job or similar jobs entail. This opportunity will also provide our students an idea of the type of commitments this career requires, such as education requirements, experience needed, time commitments, and physical demands.
Latino Leadership Conference
Tuesday, November 10 is the Latino Leadership Conference at Prairie State College. 
Chemistry students learn about Mole Day
Mole Day is celebrated on October 23 every year between 6:02 a.m. and 6:02 p.m. in the honor of Avogadro’s number (6.02 x 1023), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. Many high schools in United States and around the world celebrate Mole Day with various chemistry or moles related activities. 
Jessica Schraft is committed to assisting Olympians with college and career choices
Jessica Schraft is a graduate of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaing and is committed to assisting Rich Central students with their college and career choices. 
Channel 7 ABC News celebrates Rich Central
Click here to view the clip that aired live this morning on Channel 7, which includes an interview with Rich Central Principal Mr. Whitaker!
Olympian Marching Band & Drum Line Festival
We'll see you Saturday, October 17 @ 3pm for the Olympians Marching Band Festival and Drum Line. 
2015-2016 Assessment, Calendar, and PARCC ISBE Letter
District 227 is intentional about consistent communication to maintain and enhance parent and community partnership. Thank you for your accountability and support as we focus on student success.

To view the assessment letter, calendar and PARCC ISBE letter, click here.
Friday Flyover with Channel 7 News
The Olympians will be up pretty early Friday morning as we prepare for the Friday Flyover w/ Channel 7 news! 
Illinois Junior Energy Project
The District 227 CTE Department along with the Prairie State College Trio Program is partnering with NICOR Gas, ComEd, and AT&T for the "Illinois Junior Energy Project". While other school districts will be in attendance, we are proud to have the most students registered to attend. The event will focus on careers, conversations, and exposure. 
Cola and Tic-Tacs make Biology fun
Ms. Debra Taylor's Biology class practices using the Scientific Method to perform an outdoor experiment observing the chemical reaction between Diet Cola, Mentos and Tic-Tacs. Learning is enhanced when it's hands-on and fun!
HP sponsors The Career Experience for students
HP is sponsoring The Career Experience for students on Wednesday, October 14, 2015. To view the flyer, click here.  
Striving for Excellence in Algebra 1
Recently, Southwood Middle School and Rich Central hosted "Striving for Excellence in Algebra 1", an early high school program for Algebra 1. The meeting covered particulars such as Algebra 1 curriculum and attendance expectations. 
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