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January 9, 2008






JANUARY 9, 2008



The Budget and Finance Committee and Property Committee of the Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met in a joint meeting on January 9, 2008. 


Mrs. Norwood called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.


Present: Budget and Finance Committee – Moten (Chair), Imoukhuede (Member)

Absent: Upshaw


Present: Property Committee – Norwood (Chair), Brookins (Member), Moten (Member)


Also Present: Mr. Hunigan, Mr. Hampton, Mrs. Treichel, Dr. McDonald,  Mr. Williams (Brazley), Mr. Hampton (Brazley), Mr. Thiele (Gilbane), Mr. Dwyer, Mr. Licatesi, Mrs. Sokol, Ms. Waite, Mr. Walker, Mr. Daly, Mrs. High, Mr. Veazey, Mr. and Mrs. Nate Motton



Mrs. Norwood recognized Mr. Hampton.  Mr. Hampton noted that gentlemen from Gilbane (construction managers) and Brazley (architects) were at the meeting to give the committees the current status of renovations at the three high schools.  He recognized Mr. Thiele from Gilbane.


Mr. Thiele stated that the construction at Rich South is 11 weeks ahead of schedule.  They are doing the final painting in the cafeteria area.  A consultant has been hired to work on the food court. 


Construction at Rich Central is behind but is catching up. 


At Rich East, 50% of the school is complete and 90% of the mechanical is complete. 


Regarding alternate projects, all three football fields are going to be renovated.  At East, the locker room, the concession stand and press box have been renovated.  A press box will also be added at Rich Central.  Rich South will be adding digital hallway clocks and will be renovating the Media Center.  Digital hallway clocks will also be installed at Rich Central.


Rich Central will not be available for Summer School in 2008.  Rich South will be the target school for Summer School.  They will be shutting off the power at Rich East at various times during the summer.


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All the weight rooms have been redone.


Mr. Hunigan noted that the District has asked the Brazley firm to develop a proposal to improve outside lighting at all three schools.


Mr. Thiele stated that there is $1,400,000 contingency remaining.  $3,000,000 in alternate projects will be completed. 


Mrs. Norwood asked about the plumbing at Rich East.  Mr. Hampton responded that the problem must have been something that occurred that day.  Mrs. Norwood noted that Mr. Hampton should check with the track coach.


Mrs. Moten asked about bleachers for the football field.  Mr. Hampton responded that adding new bleachers would be around $200,000 per school.  He would have information at the next meeting.


Mr. Imoukhuede noted that classrooms come before bleachers. 


Mrs. Brookins asked about the floor at Rich South.  Mr. Hampton responded that he has requested a price for changing to tile in the classrooms at South. 


Mr. Veazey asked about the funds for these projects.  Mr. Hampton responded that the District sold bonds.  Mr. Veazey asked how the sale of these bonds impacted the taxpayer.  Mr. Hampton noted that the bonds were restructured.  The District has a bond ceiling.  The payment structure is stretched out. 


Mr. Hampton from the Brazley firm presented a color chart to the committees.  Mr. Hunigan noted that the food court should be designed first and should drive the rest of the colors. 


Mr. Hampton noted that the food court should be designed within two weeks.


There was discussion on whether to use bright colors in the schools.  Mr. Imoukhuede and Mrs. Owens noted that bright colors might be too much.  There needs to be a balance.


Mrs. Moten asked Mr. Hampton to come back to the Board with the design.


Mr. Hampton noted that a tour for the Board will be conducted at Rich South for the weight room and the cafeteria on Tuesday preceding the Board meeting.


Mrs. Norwood asked about training on the weight room equipment.  Mr. Hampton responded that MSI has done some training and will continue to train.  He noted that the


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District is requesting donations from vendors for additional items for the weight rooms.  MSI will put a brochure together for the District regarding the weight rooms. 


Mrs. Moten asked about the shower areas.


Mr. Hampton responded that the shower areas are not part of the first phase.

Mrs. Norwood asked how the teachers would be using the weight rooms in their curriculum.  Mr. Hunigan responded that there would be a presentation to the Board and community regarding how the weight rooms were going to fit into the curriculum.


Mrs. Moten asked about inventory.  Mr. Hampton responded that the equipment automatically goes into the inventory system.  The District will also be making sure there are security cameras.


Mrs. Moten asked about the use of the weight rooms by the community.


Mr. Hunigan responded that at this stage the District has not come up with a plan, but will be exploring the possibility of how the community can use the facility.


Mrs. Moten noted that the District should check on the additional costs.  Mr. Hampton responded that he would. 


Mr. Hunigan added that the District should look at partnering with the villages on joint facility usage.


Mr. Imoukhuede brought up the fact that he felt Gilbane was doing a great job at Rich South.


Mr. Imoukhuede and Mrs. Norwood talked about the community center being built by Matteson.  The pool will be accessible to the greater community.


Trustee Motten from the audience noted the pool will also be for the high schools.



Mrs. Moten brought up the possibility of the District purchasing land in the community for building a new high school in the future.  Mr. Imoukhuede added that the District needs to start looking towards developers to dedicate land for the schools.  Mrs. Moten noted the District needs to talk to the villages.  Mr. Veazey stated that the District needs to take the land no matter where it is.  Mr. Hampton stated he will look into securing land.



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Mr. Hunigan noted that metal detectors had been purchased for each of the school buildings in case there is ever a need.  These detectors are part of the District’s Crisis Plan.  The District needs a policy directing when to use the metal detectors. 



Mr. Hampton noted that gate receipt procedures have been changed due to the student activities audit.  He stated that the administration was recommending outsourcing vending machines.  Profits will be cut in half with full service.  Mr. Imoukhuede added that he did not agree with giving half of the profit away to the vendor.  Mr. Hunigan responded that he thought the intent was for the administration to look at other ways of handling the vending machines.  Mr. Hampton noted that he will look at the figures and how it would affect the budget.  He added there is a training scheduled for January 22 regarding how to handle cash received from fundraisers.  Students will be trained by the sponsors of the activities.  Mr. Veazey added that a security person should be with the individuals as they walk the money to the buildings.



Mr. Hampton noted that he had received a final draft of the Memorandum of Understanding from the Village of Olympia Fields regarding the installation of cameras on top of the District’s technology towers.  These cameras will be used to view the Metra Station at 203rd Street.  Their installation and maintenance will be covered by the Village.


Mr. Imoukhuede expressed concern about the cameras.  He noted the possibility of using the cameras to view other areas of the Village.  Mr. Hampton responded that if it comes to that, the administration will return to the Board for its approval.


Mr. Hunigan added that the District would also be using the tapes from the cameras to view students coming off the Metra trains.  The Board policy does allow students to finish out the school year if they move to another location.  Mr. Hunigan also stated that St. James Hospital, Olympia Fields, has been declared a federal disaster site in case of a federal disaster.  The cameras may be used by the hospital in that case.



Mrs. Brookins asked about securing furniture to facilitate the different learning styles in the classroom.


Mr. Hunigan responded that the District is looking for additional dollars for the furniture.  Mr. Imoukhuede added that the District should look for companies to donate the furniture.




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At 8:15 p.m. Mrs. Norwood adjourned the meeting.