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February 19, 2008



FEBRUARY 19, 2008




A joint Budget and Finance and Property Committee meeting was held on February 19, 2008, in the Media Center at Rich South High School, Richton Park, Illinois.


Mrs. Moten and Mrs. Norwood jointly called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


Present: Budget and Finance: Moten (Chair), Upshaw (Member), Imoukhuede (Member)

Property: Norwood (Chair), Moten (Member), Brookins (Member)


Also Present: Mr. Gerry Andino (Nutrition Interior Systems), Mr. Licatesi, Mrs. Wynne, Mr. Koutavas, Mr. Hampton, Mr. Hunigan, Ms. Neuman (Tribune), Mrs. Sokol, Dr. Kirkwood, Mr. Veazey, Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Ramey, Mr. Rainey, Dr. McDonald, Mrs. Treichel, Mr. Grace



Mr. Andino from Interior Systems gave a presentation on the designs and layout for the Rich South cafeteria.  He noted there would be a special achievement lounge in the cafeteria area.


Mrs. Moten asked about students’ art work.  Mr. Hampton responded that the students are going to donate art work, logos, and signs for the cafeteria area.  The wall of stars can be changed out monthly.


Mrs. Norwood asked if any students worked with Interior Systems Design Services.  Mr. Hampton responded that the students gave a lot of input. 


Mrs. Brookins asked about the furniture.  Mr. Hampton noted that the furniture will be going out for bid.  Mrs. Brookins noted that she was pleased the District was moving away from the current furniture. 


Mr. Hampton noted that the roll down doors are of stainless steel.  He added that he hoped to have the ribbon-cutting ceremony the week after spring break. 


Mr. Hampton brought up the possibility of the Board approving the alternate project of additional lighting at all three campuses.  He noted the estimated cost of the lighting was $383,000.  The lighting will be for the exteriors of the buildings, the parking lots and sports fields.


Mr. Imoukhuede asked if the lighting was environmentally friendly.  Mr. Hampton responded that these were not the mercury vapor or high pressure sodium types of lighting. 



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Mrs. Moten asked if the lighting was necessary.  Mr. Hampton responded that he felt the schools did not have the proper lighting outside.  The District can bid it out and see how the price is.  At that time, the administration can come back to the Board to determine if it wants to add that alternate piece.


Mrs. Upshaw added that she felt the District does need the lighting.  The District needs to invest dollars in the safety of students.  She asked about a buzzer in the lights for security purposes. 


Mr. Hunigan noted that this was one of the recommendations out of the security plan. 


Mr. Hampton added that once the administration receives the results, the Board can make the final decision as to whether or not to include the lighting as an alternate project. 


Mr. Hampton talked about the restructuring of bonds.  He noted that if the interest rates go down, he wanted to be able to take advantage of the lower interest rates.  Mr. Grace made a presentation on the issuance of not to exceed $5,000,000 in General Obligation School Bonds.  He noted that the maturity of the bonds stays the same.  The District would replace the higher coupon bonds with lower coupon bonds.  He suggested the District have the resolution in place in case the interest rates fall. 


Mr. Hampton added that he could go ahead with the restructuring of the bonds without a hearing if this resolution was in place. 


Mr. Hampton noted he had met with two villages regarding the acquisition of land.  He added he wanted to be able to bring all the information from all the municipalities at the same time.  Two of the municipalities had to reschedule the meetings.  He will have the information at the March meeting.


Mr. Hampton gave a report on the 2007-2008 budget.  As of the end of January, 55% of revenues had been received, and 53% of expenditures had been expended. 


Mr. Imoukhuede noted he would stop by to discuss the IMRF fund with Mr. Hampton. 


Mrs. Moten asked about the negative balance on the Big Dipper.  Mr. Hampton noted that Rich South is still selling pop and candy to help with the deficit.  The deficit comes out of the building budget.


Mrs. Moten asked what account security for the Big Dipper is taken out of.  Mr. Hampton noted that security comes out of a Rich South line item relating to security. 


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Mrs. Moten noted that she was upset that the Big Dipper had a negative balance.


Mr. Hampton responded that Mr. Hopman, Assistant Principal for Athletics and Activities at Rich South, was recommending having different sponsorships for the Big Dipper.  He will look at how security is structured for the Big Dipper.  It should be able to be done in a more efficient manner.  He will bring a plan back to the Committee.


Mrs. Norwood asked if the District was on target for the summer projects.  Mr. Hampton stated it was. 


Mrs. Norwood asked about fences with advertising.  Mr. Hampton said he still had not been able to find a company.


At 7:28 p.m. the meeting adjourned.




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