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August 27, 2008




AUGUST 27, 2008



The Community Relations and Long-Range Planning Committee of the Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met on August 27, 2008, in the Board Room at the District Administrative Center, Olympia Fields, Illinois.


Mr. Imoukhuede called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Present: Imoukhuede (Chair), Owens (Member)


Also Present: Mr. Hunigan, Mrs. Treichel, Ms. Waite



Mr. Imoukhuede asked Mr. Hunigan about the setting of community forums.  Mr. Hunigan responded that he needed direction from the Community Relations committee and the full board.  At Open House, each school will be sharing the PSAE scores. 


Mrs. Owens stated the District needs a plan.  The community forums need to be focused.  At previous community forums, people felt they did not have adequate time for input.  Mrs. Owens asked for the comments from the previous forums.  She asked if the public relations presentation was part of the plan.


Mr. Hunigan responded that the community forum is part of the public relations plan.


Mr. Imoukhuede asked that the community forums be more of a listening session.  He added that the Board should let the community members tell them about the school district and the job the Board members are doing.  They should say what they would like to see the Board do differently.


Mrs. Owens added that there still needs to be some structure to the forums.  She suggested having a consultant.


Mr. Imoukhuede noted that only one consultant responded to the request regarding strategic planning.  He asked that the District go out and advertise again for a consultant to be involved in strategic planning.  He would like to see women and minority firms recruited. 


Mrs. Owens asked the administration to check with some other districts.  She added that at the South Cook Dinner Meeting, a consultant talked about work that they had done for Lincoln-Way.  At the state conference, she was introduced to a firm which had done some work with one of the northern districts. 


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Mr. Hunigan responded that Mr. Gatta was the only name given to him by the surrounding school districts.


Mrs. Owens stated she would get a name to him.  This gentleman worked in a school district in another state.


Mr. Hunigan noted that, as part of the marketing plan, the results from the community forums will drive the strategic plan.  He said he will forward the comments from the last two community forums to the Board.


Mr. Imoukhuede stated he would like three firms making a presentation of 15 minutes each.  He would like this to take place at a Committee of the Whole meeting before the end of September.


Mr. Hunigan again noted that each building would be sharing test scores as part of their Open House on August 28.  He went on to say that Rich Central had a special field trip for their seniors.  In October at the Board meeting, all the students who scored over 22 on the ACT will be honored at a reception.


Mrs. Owens asked the administration to come back to the committee with recommendations with regards to student forums.  Mr. Imoukhuede added that they could be during the day.  Mr. Hunigan noted that the responses from the students will be recorded.


Mrs. Owens asked about voter registration for students.  Mr. Hunigan responded that in October there will be a presentation on the Board agenda regarding voter registration for students. 


Ms. Waite was recognized.  She asked about the process of reclassification of students.  Mr. Hunigan responded that every District reclassifies students.  During the first year of reclassification, there is the biggest impact.  He also added that our District used a lot of different methods this year to improve the PSAE test scores. 


Ms. Waite stated that the different methods used in the classroom should be acknowledged.


Mrs. Owens added that it is discouraging when there is always a hint of distrust and negativism when the District has done so many positive things.  The District is raising the bar for students. 


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At 6:40 p.m. Mr. Imoukhuede adjourned the meeting.