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September 13, 2007




SEPTEMBER 13, 2007




The Education Committee of the Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met in the Rich Central Media Center on September 13, 2007. 


Mrs. Brookins called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Present: Brookins (Chair), Imoukhuede (Member), Moten (Member)


Also Present: Mrs. Upshaw, Mrs. Owens (left at 8:00 p.m.), Mr. Brunson, Mr. Hunigan, Mrs. Treichel, Dr. McDonald, Dr. Leak, Mr. Hampton, Mrs. Ramey, Ms. Colaire, Ms. Malak, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Mitchell, Mr. Pfau, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Sterling, Ms. Freeman, Mr. Daly, Dr. Imoukhuede, Ms. Gladney, Ms. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Alberts, Dr. Grossi, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Veazey, Mr. Jordon, Mr. and Mrs. Folex, Ms. Mitchell, Mr. White, Ms. Jamison, Ms. Wynne, Ms. Bassette, Ms. Williams, Dr. Craig, Mr. Fisher, Ms. Rutherford, Mr. Jasinevicius, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Milligan, Ms. High, Mr. Ward,Ms. Young-Peel, Ms. Varnado, Mr. Walker, Dr. Kirkwood, Mr. Daly, Ms. Stokes, Ms. Toth, Ms. Iman Ellis-Bowen, Ms. Henderson, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Lett-Hill



Ms. Codjiha Shelton, Instructional Leader for Applied Arts, gave a presentation on Applied Arts courses.  She noted the course offerings the District currently has in Business Education, Family and Consumer Science, and Applied Technology.  Ms. Shelton noted the goals for Applied Arts.  Next she talked about the programs and activities that have been initiated to enhance teaching and learning.  The Education Committee was reminded that students can get dual credit with District 227 schools and Prairie State College.  Programs/courses on the horizon – Practical Nursing and Project Lead the Way – were described.


The Board asked Ms. Shelton questions regarding Vocational Education classes.  Ms. Shelton responded that the District is looking at creating another facility with Crete/Monee for Vocational Educational classes.  She added that students have been participating in DeVry Her World for at least 3 years.  “Project Lead the Way” involves engineering and math. 


Mr. White noted that we need to talk about increasing “A’s” and “B’s” instead of decreasing “D’s” and “F’s”.


Mr. Pfau asked about the Business Concepts class.  Ms. Shelton noted that it is still being taught.


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Mr. Imoukhueke noted that we are not able to have all courses at all the schools.


Mrs. Brookins thanked Ms. Shelton for her presentation.


The meeting was turned over to Dr. Leak.  Dr. Leak recognized Mr. Hunigan, who talked on increasing student achievement and comprehensive school reform.


Mr. Veazey was recognized.  He stated that the District needs to have a Community Forum for discussion.


Mrs. Brookins responded that a date will be set for a Community Forum.


Dr. Leak turned the meeting over to the three campuses, beginning with Rich South.


Dr. Kirkwood introduced his administrative staff.  He noted that he had met with 90% of the parents and students in the freshman class.  He went over the PSAE scores for Rich South.


Mrs. Moten asked about the involvement of counselors.  Dr. Kirkwood noted that the counselors meet with students to talk about scores.  He noted Rich South has a 4-year Horizon Program for students. 


Mrs. Upshaw asked about the scores of the incoming 8th grade class.  Dr. Leak will get back to her on that.



Dr. Craig introduced the Rich East administrative team.  They went over the PSAE scores for Rich East. 


Ms. Moten asked how the counselors are involved at Rich East.  She also asked if the PSAE prep class has been evaluated.


Dr. Craig noted that counselors have been assigned to the three houses at Rich East. 


Ms. Toth said the students receive a pre and post test after the prep class. 


Mr. Jasinevicius asked about whether the retirements of experienced teachers caused the scores to drop.


Ms. Toth said that East does have a lot of new teachers but the teachers for the junior class have remained constant. 

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Mrs. Martin was recognized.  She introduced her administrative staff.  She went over the PSAE scores from Rich Central.  She stated it was the strategy of Rich Central to zero in on top students – get the best out of the best. 


Mr. Walker asked how much of our plan is new strategy.  Dr. Leak responded that, with our outside consultants helping us, 60% is new strategy. 


Mr. Oliver asked about subgroups.  Dr. Leak noted there have to be 45 students for a subgroup to show up on the PSAE results.


Mr. Taylor asked why the top 20% were going to get extra attention. 


Mrs. Martin responded that all junior students will be getting individual attention.


Mr. Veazey noted that the middle sector was always focused on.  We need to find a way to provide every child additional help.


Mr. Imoukhuede stated that he agreed with Mr. Taylor.  The top 20% should not receive extra attention. 


Ms. Peele asked about qualified teachers. 


Ms. Malak responded that every teacher has to complete a highly qualified status report. 


Mrs. Brookins noted that the District is pulling data together and working as a team.


Dr. Leak noted that the ISAT standards are not the same as the college readiness standards.  In high school students are assessed on college readiness.


Mr. Veazey stated that Rich Central has the same number of counselors with 1800 students as the other schools with 1400 students.  He asked for a breakdown on the scores for the foundations schools.


Mrs. Brookins noted that another meeting will be set.  Some questions that will be answered are:


            Does PSAE Excel work?

            Where do we stand if we don’t meet safe harbor?

Dr. Leak noted that we have had to partner with one of the local state agencies.  The District has partnered with ISC4 and has two consultants assigned to report if we are

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making progress.  The District has to show it is making progress.  The state will make the call what the next step will be.


At 10:50 p.m. Mrs. Brookins adjourned the meeting.