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October 9, 2007




OCTOBER 9, 2007




The Property Committee of the Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met on Tuesday, October 9, 2007, in the Media Center at Rich Central High School, Olympia Fields, Illinois.


Mrs. Norwood called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.


Present: Norwood (Chair), Moten (Member), Brookins (Member)


Also Present: Mr. Brunson, Mrs. Upshaw, Mr. Hunigan, Mr. Hampton, Mr. Jasinevicius, Mr. Thiele from Gilbane and Mr. Zappavigna from Brazley



Mr. Hampton introduced Mr. Thiele from Gilbane and Mr. Zappavigna from Brazley.  Mr. Thiele stated that construction was 3 weeks behind schedule at Rich Central, 8 weeks ahead of schedule at Rich South, and right on schedule at Rich East.  Bids came in under budget.  The contingency amount is going up.  More alternate projects will be able to be completed at each campus.


Mr. Hampton noted that carpeting for Rich South will be completed during winter break.  The District is taking a look at the bleachers at each of the stadiums.   In addition, lighting in the parking lots is being considered as an alternate project.


Mrs. Norwood commented that the Property Committee was receiving information after it had been approved. 


Mr. Hampton responded that he will make sure the Property Committee receives the information beforehand.


Mr. Hampton noted that he is still working on the new cafeteria at South – how it will work.  There is a consultant who is helping with the cafeteria.


Mr. Hampton noted that he will be bringing a recommendation to the Board that the District purchase all new equipment for the three weight rooms.  Bally’s did not work out.  MSI did a full analysis.  The District could prepare an RFP (Request For Proposal) on this.  It does not have to bid.  The District wants to buy quality equipment that will last 10 – 15 years. 


Mrs. Norwood asked Mr. Hampton to find out what school districts MSI has worked with.  She also said maybe they could do a presentation to the board.

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Mrs. Norwood asked for a timeline of when the equipment would be installed.  Mr. Hampton responded that it would be installed within 30 days of approval.  The company comes in and does a full overhaul of the weight rooms. 


Mrs. Brookins asked to get the Athletic Directors directly involved. 


Mrs. Upshaw asked about the capacity of the weight rooms.  Mr. Hampton responded that another proposal talked about each piece of equipment.  He stated he didn’t know the capacity.  He will put it in the Board packet. 


Mrs. Norwood stated she would like to invite the booster clubs to the next meeting.


Mr. Brunson asked if the District could use bond funds for the purchase of equipment. 


Mr. Hampton said that the District can.  Construction funds are in the Operations and Maintenance account so they can be utilized.  The District has 2.7 million dollars to spend on alternate projects.


Mr. Brunson asked about gymnastics.  Mr. Hunigan said he will check on whether the District has gymnastics or whether it is working through a club.


Mrs. Moten asked Mr. Hampton to check the wrestling room and gymnastics equipment, also.


Mrs. Brookins asked about the press boxes.  Mr. Hampton said Central and East are moving forward.  South is complete.


Mrs. Norwood asked about putting TV’s in the weight room.


Mr. Jasinevicius asked about approval of the Rich East parking lot.  Mr. Thiele said it was approved a month ago as an alternate bid.


Mr. Jasinevicius asked about the total number of classrooms that had been added to the schools in this renovation process.


Mr. Zappavigna said he did not know the total.  Mr. Hampton will check on the number.


Mr. Jasinevicius asked if there would be any money left for additional classrooms.





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Mr. Hampton responded that the District is trying to address as many projects as it can with the dollars it has.  The District is going to have to look at some other ways to fund other additions.


At 6:50 p.m. Mr. Thiele and Mr. Zappavagna left the meeting.


Mrs. Norwood brought up the topic of available land in the District.  She went over different areas that are available for sale for the possibility of building a new school.


Mr. Hampton stated that he would like to look into the possibility of having land donated for a school.  He will start conversations with the village manages.


Mrs. Norwood brought up District 157C.  She pointed out that that district started a long-range plan when it was on the watch list.  She said they were buying land and holding onto it for future growth.


Mr. Brunson asked if the contingency money could be used to buy the land.


Mr. Hampton responded that he will look into it.  He will find out how many acres are needed for a new high school.  He will take a look at the budget to see if there is a way to plan for the purchase of land within the current operating budget.


Mr. Hunigan noted that it was premature to commit dollars at this stage.  The administration needs more direction from the Board.  There are still a lot of projects which haven’t been brought forward.


Mrs. Moten asked for a list of what is left to do.  Mr. Hampton will supply.


Mrs. Norwood brought up the possibility of conducting another demographic study. 


Mr. Hunigan responded that a demographic study was done a few years ago.  The District feels this study is still valid.  We are basically using the medium growth and are on target.


Mr. Hampton noted the study projected 4,300 students for 2007-2008.


Mr. Brunson asked about an attendance boundary change to equalize enrollment.


Mr. Hunigan noted that was a possibility.



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Mr. Hampton noted that potentially we may see numbers decrease.  Newer construction is not occurring as fast as it was.


Mrs. Brookins asked to see now many 8th graders do not come to our schools, especially to Rich South.


Mr. Hampton said he has the data from last year’s 8th grade class.  The current 8th grade class information is being gathered now.


Mrs. Brookins asked to see the number of households who are remaining in our district but sending their children to other schools. 


Mr. Hampton said he will get that information.


Mr. Hampton said he will check on the charge for a new demographic study.  He will explore what it will take for an update.


At 7:16 p.m. Mrs. Norwood adjourned the meeting.