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October 9, 2007




OCTOBER 9, 2007




The Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met on Tuesday, October 9, 2007, in the Media Center at Rich Central High School, Olympia Fields, Illinois. 


Mr. Brunson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and requested everyone stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then requested a roll call.


Present: Brookins, Brunson, Imoukhuede, Moten, Norwood, Upshaw

Absent: Owens


Also Present: Mr. Hunigan, Mr. Hampton, Ms. Cotton-Ramey, Dr. Leak, Dr. McDonald, Mrs. Martin, Dr. Kirkwood, Dr. Craig, Mr. Jasinevicius, Ms. Benard, Ms. Williams, Ms. Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, Mr. Walker, Ms. High, Mr. and Mr. Green, Ms. Withers, Mr. Gentry, Mr. Withers, Mr. Delaney, Mr. Young, and student representatives Arielle Smith (Central), Mickietha Hampton (East), and Dallas Crain (South).


Mr. Brunson presented the Board goals for the 2007-2008 school year.


Recognition of Citizens Pertaining to Agenda Items


No citizens wished to be recognized pertaining to agenda items.



Recognition of Students


Mrs. Martin, Principal at Rich Central, called Alyssa Green and her parents and grandparents forward.  She noted Alyssa has a grade point average of 4.7 and is #1 in her senior class.  She is involved in many activities.  In addition, Alyssa was recognized as an outstanding participant in the National Achievement Scholarship Program.


Dr. Craig called Jasmine Murphy and her parents forward.  He noted that Jasmine is taking as many AP classes as possible at Rich East and is participating in a number of sports.  She is an all around special student.


Dr. Kirkwood called Nick Perkins and his parents forward.  He stated that Nick is a senior with a good grade point average and is the starting varsity quarterback for the Rich South football team.  In addition, he met expectations in all areas on the PSAE.  Nick is always involved in activities at Rich South.



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Recognition of Teachers


Mrs. Martin called Ms. Debra Nicholson forward.  She noted that Ms. Nicholson was being recognized for her extraordinary dedication and devotion to the education of the children she serves on a daily basis.


Dr. Craig called Ms. Janet McDaniel forward.  He stated that Ms. McDaniel was being recognized for her work in spearheading the freshman orientation day and working to create a family atmosphere in her advisory class.  She always has a big smile for everyone.


Dr. Kirkwood asked Toya Jarrett to come forward.  He stated that Ms. Jarrett has personally taken on the chore of making sure the South math scores go up.  She is involved at Rich South in numerous committees.  In addition, Ms. Jarrett just completed her Masters in Education at Olivett Nazarene College.



Student Representatives


Arielle Smith, Rich Central’s student representative, Mickietha Hampton, Rich East’s student representative, and Dallas Crain, Rich South’s student representative, reported on what is taking place at their campuses.



Approval of Consent Agenda


Mr. Brunson requested approval of the Consent Agenda.  Mrs. Norwood moved and Mrs. Brookins seconded the following:


(08-30)                        It is moved that the Board of Education approve the Consent Agenda items as listed:


A         Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting and closed session meeting of September 11, 2007; the hearing on the District’s budget and the hearing on the CPN budget of September 11, 2007; the special meeting and closed session of September 13, 2007; the Education Committee meeting of September 13, 2007; the special meeting of September 27, 2007; and the Community Relations and Long-Range Planning Committee meeting of October 2, 2007, as distributed.




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  1. Payroll and bills payable


It is moved that the Board of Education approve the payroll and bills payable dated October 9, 2007, as follows:




Gross Payroll September 10, 2007                        1,276,463.70


Gross Payroll September 25, 2007                        1,388,256.92


Bills Payable


Education                                                               804,785.33


Operation and Maintenance                                       160,602.76


Capital Project Fund                                                3,328,346.37


Transportation                                                    110,771.56


Tort                                                                             22,647.00                                                                                        


C.        Payroll and bills payable for the Career Preparation Network


            It is moved that the Board of Education approve the payroll and bills payable dated October 9, 2007, for the Career Preparation Network as follows:




            Gross Payroll September 10, 2007                      4,859.64


            Gross Payroll September 25, 2007                      4,859.64


            Bills Payable


            Education                                                         11,683.59                                                                     



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  1.      Approval of classified and exempt personnel report


            It is moved that the Board of Education approve the classified and exempt personnel report listing new hires, leaves of absences, promotions, resignations, retirements, terminations, and

transfers, as presented by the Superintendent, provided all the requirements of the State of Illinois are met.


E.         Approval of new teaching contract


            It is moved that the Board of Education approve teaching contracts as follows:


            Full Time 2007-2008


                        La’Tanya Foster-Thomas            Step 13, BA Lane Special Ed. East/South


Provided all the requirements of the State of Illinois and the North Central Association are met.


  1. Acceptance of resignation


It is moved that the Board of Education accept the resignation of administrative staff member LRoselia Colaire effective September 28, 2007.


  1. Acceptance of resignations


It is moved that the Board of Education accept the resignations of certificated staff members Kona Burks effective October 19, 2007,  Stephenie Joerger Campanile, effective October 1, 2007, and Christopher Walsh, effective no later than December 31, 2007.


Results of the roll call vote were as follows:


Aye Brookins, Brunson, Imoukhuede, Moten, Norwood, Upshaw

Nay: None


                                                                                                Motion 08-30 carried.




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Special Presentation


Dr. McDonald introduced Dr. Mietlicki from Governors State University.  Dr. Mietlicki gave a presentation on the Teacher Quality Enhancement Partnership Grant.  Rich Township District is one of three districts partnering with GSU on this grant.   The goals of the grant are: (1) to recruit, train, and mentor high-quality teachers in high-need schools which will significantly result in increased student learning; (2) to redesign the teacher preparation program through the creation of GSU’s Induction and Mentoring Center; (3) to provide educators with the skills to engage in individual and collaborative professional development from recruitment, pre-service, induction and advanced professional development; and (4) to provide regional leadership in order to strengthen collaboration among the university, local school districts, community colleges, businesses, and community organizations to improve recruitment, preparation and development of teachers and to institutionalize this collaboration through the Professional Development Council.


Ms. Mietlicki noted there would be a freshman academy night on November 13 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at GSU. 


Mrs. Brookins asked if the District has tracked the students who have graduated and who are now teaching.


Dr. McDonald responded that she will get back to the Board with this information.


Mrs. Norwood asked about students who have a Bachelor’s Degree and want to go into teaching.


Dr. Mietlicki responded that a student needs a degree in the content area in which he or she is going to teach.  If an individual is going to teach English, he or she needs a Bachelor’s degree in English. 


Mrs. Moten asked about the freshman academy night.


Dr. McDonald responded that two representatives from each building would be sent to the freshman academy night at GSU.  This will give our District an opportunity to share our programs and to receive information from the other schools.


Mr. Hunigan responded that administrative staff will also be attending the freshman academy night at GSU.  Mrs. Moten asked for a report back to the Board.




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Mrs. Moten asked Dr. Mietlicki if she had evaluated the District’s mentoring program.  Dr. Mietlicki responded that she has been in conversation with Dr. McDonald and Ms. Rich for the last three years.  She noted she is very supportive of what District 227 is doing and will work with the District.


Dr. McDonald thanked Dr. Mietlicki for her report.



Report of the Director of Fiscal Services


Mr. Hampton reported on the athletic equipment in the weight rooms at each school.  He noted that getting the equipment from Bally’s did not materialize.  He stated that he requested a safety inspection and needs assessment of the District’s weight rooms.  This was presented at the Property Committee meeting held prior to the Board meeting.  The Committee is asking the administration to go back and have more conversation with the Athletic Directors and the Booster groups.  Mr. Hampton will have a recommendation to the Board in the November packet.


Mr. Hampton noted an update on construction had been given at the Property Committee meeting.  There is 1.3 million dollars immediately available for use for alternate items.  He will send a list of remaining alternate items to the Board.



Summary of Committee Reports


Mrs. Brookins reported on the Education Committee meeting of September 13, 2007.

She noted that Ms. Shelton, Instructional Leader for Applied Arts, had given a presentation of what is happening in Applied Arts at the schools.  Dr. Leak and the principals went over the PSAE scores for the three schools.


Mr. Imoukhuede reported on the Community Relations and Long-Range Planning Committee meeting held on October 2, 2007.  He brought up the District’s Strategic Plan.  He asked Board members to take the Strategic Plan home to look it over for possibly updating.  Communication with the community was discussed.  Mr. Imoukhuede noted the District is considering having three separate forums for the community.


Mrs. Norwood reported on the Property Committee meeting held prior to the Board meeting.  The possibility of ordering a new demographic study was discussed.  Mrs. Norwood brought in an outline of available property in the District for the possible purchase of land.  Mr. Hampton had given a construction update on the three buildings.  The weight room equipment had been discussed. 


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Mrs. Brookins noted that the place for the October 17, 2007, Education Committee meeting is being changed.  The change will be posted on the website.



Special Reports


Mrs. Upshaw reported on her attendance at the Ottosen school law conference.  She noted there were presentations on technology, the storing of data and archiving of data.  Also discussed were new policies on special education services. 


Mr. Imoukhuede added that the conference was very enlightening regarding new laws relating to schools. 



Report of the Superintendent


Mr. Hunigan reported on the Parent/Teacher Conferences of September 20 and 21, 2007.  He noted that 50% of the East parents, 53% of the South parents, and 52% of the Central parents had been in attendance at the conferences.  There was an issue regarding the second day of the conferences.  The turn out was very low.  The District will need to evaluate whether to continue with two conference days.  The District is trying to make the conferences convenient for parents. 


Mr. Hunigan stated that the TAB (Teachers/Administrators/Board) meeting will take place on November 6 at 3:30 p.m. in the District Administrative Center. He will get more information to the Board on this.


Mr. Hunigan reported on the Personnel Committee meeting held on October 4.  He noted that his performance goals had been shared.  Mr. Hunigan noted he will share his goals on the website.  He state that his number one goal will be increasing achievement on the Prairie State Achievement Exam.  He is looking at increasing scores by 8%.  This will get the District into safe harbor.  Safe harbor means that the District is making progress.  The second goal involves school climate.  The third goal is the implementation of PowerSchool and the development of a comprehensive school marketing plan.  The fourth goal is the developing of a 5-year vision for the school district.


Mr. Brunson noted that Mrs. Brookins would like to be the Board’s representative at the TAB meeting.  If anyone else is interested in attending, they should let him know.


Mrs. Moten asked if the percentage of parents attending the Parent/Teacher conferences increased.  Mr. Hunigan said he will check on this.


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Report of the President


Mr. Brunson asked that any Board members let him know if they plan to attend the Freshman Academy Meeting at Governors State University on November 13.


Mr. Brunson reminded the Board that the next meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. in the Rich Central Media Center.


Mr. Brunson asked if any Board members had comments on the IASB “Report to the Membership.”  There were no comments.  Mr. Brunson asked if any Board member would like to be the delegate to the Joint Conference.  Mr. Imoukhuede volunteered to be the delegate. 


Mr. Brunson reminded the Board of the Snowball II closing session on Sunday, November 4, 2007, at 11:00 a.m., at Camp Manitoqua, Frankfort.



Recognition of Citizens


Mr. Durley was recognized.  He asked about the PSAE results.  Mrs. Brookins responded that the Education Committee will be hosting another meeting to give the community time for input.  This would be a meeting for the entire community.  Mr. Durley noted that he felt that each school needed to have its own meeting. 


Mr. Gentry asked about the locker rooms at Rich East.  He noted there has been a high number of thefts in the locker rooms. 


Mr. Hampton responded that new locker rooms haven’t been approved by the Board. 


Mrs. Norwood added that the Board definitely needs to look at the locker rooms. 


Officer Ross was recognized.  He said that students are bringing in all kinds of expensive equipment into the schools.  Other kids are seeing them put this stuff in lockers. 


Mr. Veazey was recognized.  He asked about Board meeting procedures.  He did not like the fact that what he was going to talk about was interpreted.  He wanted to be able to elaborate on what he put on his card.  He also asked the Board to take a look at the dates of the meetings.  They sometimes conflict with other events in the community.  He noted he did not see any reference to the use of “Nigger” in the reading material of the District on the Board agenda.  He stated this was supposed to be on the agenda.  He said Ms. Bassette did not feel welcome at the Board meetings.  He stated he did not feel the


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minutes accurately reflected everything that was said at a meeting.  He wanted to know when the Board reviewed the minutes.


Mr. Imoukhuede responded that minutes were not supposed to be verbatim accounts.  They were to note the content of what was discussed, not a word for word recording.


Mr. Hunigan stated that he was not sure Dr. Leak was going to be back at work, so the reading material was not put on the agenda.  This item will be discussed at the Education Committee meeting.


Mr. Veazey noted he would like to get the results of the residency investigations.  He noted that he was glad the District was addressing the weight room issue. 


Mr. Veazey asked what the buildings are going to look like following construction. 

Mr. Brunson responded that this will be put on the web site.


Mr. Young was recognized.  He asked about the attendance of parents at the parent/teacher conferences.  Mr. Hunigan responded that the District will be discussing this issue in the buildings and that there needs to be a better format for the conferences.  The second day was not well attended.  It is possible the District could have two evening conference days.


Mr. Young asked about surveying the parents.  Mr. Hunigan responded that the District will be working with the parent/teacher organizations and see what they perceive is best.


Mr. Young asked about the PowerSchool update.  Mr. Hunigan responded the update will be given at the Education Committee meeting to be held on October 17 at 7:00p.m.


Mr. Hunigan noted that if community members want to discuss an issue, they should e-mail or call and make an appointment to come in and sit and talk.  In addition, messages  can be sent by e-communicator or PowerSchool.  He noted that face to face is most helpful in discussing items.


Mrs. Brookins reminded the community members that if they come to the committee meetings, they will be able to give their input on all topics covered.  The Board meeting is a business meeting. 


Mrs. Norwood stated that the Recognition of Citizens item on the agenda is for communication with the community. 




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Mr. Brunson said that if he took the liberty of dismissing cards, he took the responsibility for that action.



Other Special Presentations


Mr. Koutavas noted that he would be making a PowerSchool presentation at the Education Committee meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on October 17.



Unfinished Business


Mrs. Norwood asked the Board to reconsider having its meetings on the second Tuesday.  She asked the Board to think about having its meetings on the third Tuesday.


Mrs. Upshaw added that she felt the meetings shouldn’t conflict with the Olympia Fields Education Commission meetings or the school PTSO meetings.


Mrs. Norwood stated that the parents she has talked to love PowerSchool.  They are in constant communication with teachers.  They didn’t feel the need to go to parent/teacher conferences.


Mr. Imoukhuede added that at the Community Relations meeting he had brought up the possibility of using e-textbooks.


Mr. Brunson stated that the Board meeting was an action meeting.  Committee meetings receive responses from the community.


At 9:30 p.m. Mr. Imoukhuede moved and Mrs. Brookins seconded the following:


(08-31)                        It is moved that the Board of Education adjourn is meeting.


Results of the roll call vote were as follows:


Aye: Brookins, Brunson, Imoukhuede, Moten, Norwood, Upshaw

Nay: None

                                                                                                Motion 08-31 carried.



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