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June 5, 2007




JUNE 5, 2007 




The Education Committee of the Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, in the Board Room at the District Administrative Center, Olympia Fields, Illinois.


Mrs. Brookins called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Present: Brookins (Chair),  Moten (Member)

Also Present: Mrs. Owens, Mr. Hunigan, Dr. Leak, Mrs. High, Mrs. Treichel, Mrs. Kriha


Mrs. Brookins turned the meeting over to Dr. Leak, who went over a draft of the District Improvement Plan.  She noted there were four sections to the plan: 1) Data; 2) Action Plan;

3) Who Helped with the Plan; 4) Board Action.  She noted that the District Improvement Plan needs to be approved by the Board at the July 10, 2007, meeting. Dr. Leak added that a revised copy of the District Improvement Plan will be included in the Board packet this week.


There was discussion on differentiated instruction/cooperative groups.  Dr. Leak noted that statistics show that black students learn better if they can talk and work together.


Mrs. Owens noted that the District needs to have incentives to get parents involved.  Mrs. Brookins asked about the percentage of parents who attend Open House and the percentage of parents who attend Parent/Teacher Conferences.


Mrs. Kriha mentioned that, in her opinion, the best thing the District has begun is use of the EZ Communicator.  Mrs. Owens asked that the District collect the number of hits the EZ Communicator receives.


Mrs. High asked that the District do a marketing job for its web page.  She noted that Rich Central puts its announcements on its web page. 


Mrs. Moten mentioned that the District needs to add Technology Training for Parents to its Plan.


Dr. Leak added that the plan will be revisited at the end of the next school year.


Mrs. Brookins brought up the possibility of having a parent mentoring program - pairing up parents with other parents who are new to the District.  This could be done through the PTSOs.


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Mrs. Owens added that this could be done through the website.


There was discussion about re-engaging a parental involvement policy. 


Mrs. High brought up the possibility of having parent academies.


Mrs. Owens added that parents need access to computers at the building level.


Mrs. Moten mentioned that Media Centers need to stay open later.


Dr. Leak noted she would add re-engaging parental involvement policy, technology training for parents, and parent academies to the District Improvement Plan.


There was discussion on the Career Fairs at each campus.  Mrs. High noted that a lot of parents have interesting careers which should be highlighted at the Career Fairs.


At 8:15 p.m. the meeting adjourned.