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December 12, 2007





DECEMBER 12, 2007



The Community Relations and Long-Range Planning Committee of the Board of Education of Rich Township High School District 227 met on December 12, 2007, in the Board Room at the District Administrative Center, Olympia Fields, Illinois.


Mr. Imoukhuede called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.


Present: Imoukhuede (Chair), Owens (Member), Norwood (Member)


Also Present: Mrs. Moten, Mrs. Brookins (7:10 p.m.), Mrs. Foston, Mrs. Treichel, Mr. Hunigan, Ms. Waite, Ms. Sokol, Ms. High, Mr. Veazey, Ms. Smith, Mr. Mnyofu, Ms. Muhammad, Mr. Morgan, Ms. Anderson, Mr. Rainey, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Pawluk, Mr. Yarborough, Mr. Craig, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Carter, Ms. Birts, Ms. Madison, Ms. Bassette, Dr. Kirkwood, Dr. Leak, Mr. Durley



Mrs. Foston gave a presentation on a Marketing proposal.  Questions were asked by Board members.


Mrs. Owens asked if onsite interviews are included in the surveys conducted.  Mr. Hunigan responded that may fall into the next part when the Strategic Plan is discussed.


Mrs. Moten asked about going beyond the local marketing area.


Mrs. Foston responded that she would like to go beyond the local marketing area to regional and national.


Mrs. Sokol asked about timelines.  Mrs. Foston responded that the District is currently interviewing marketing firms.


Mr. Hunigan added that the District is hoping to get Board approval at the January Board meeting.  He noted that the marketing plan will help support the District’s strategic plan.  The District will get a better price if it goes with both plans together from the same vendor.


Mr. Veazey asked to have staff part of the equation.  Some of the survey information may flow to the school improvement plans or Board goals.


Mr. Hunigan added that one of his performance goals is that the District would develop a comprehensive marketing plan.  The Board felt there was a need to get the word out

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about the positive things occurring in our District.  The District has had Strategic Plans for quite some time.  The District needs to create a vision for the future.  It needs to get off the watch list.


Mr. Hunigan continued that the District is developing a brochure to show parents what it is doing and what each individual school is doing.  There are positive kinds of things occurring that many people don’t know about, such as a special tutor for the high ability math students.  The administration will be bringing a recommendation to show how the District can accomplish having a marketing plan and strategic plan by the same vendor.  A lot of firms can do both. 


Mr. Imoukhuede brought up a discussion on having community forums at each of the schools.  He noted that it is a duty of the Board to be in communication with the community. 


Mrs. Norwood added she was in favor of having a forum for each of the schools at a neutral location like the Matteson Holiday Inn.


Mrs. Owens noted that at a neutral place the group can be broken out into different rooms by school.  The Board would be receiving feedback from each of the schools.  She stated she felt one site with three breakouts would be best.


Mr. Imoukhuede stated that the forum is sometimes the only time stakeholders visit the schools. 


Mrs. Owens noted that the decision has to go to the entire Board.  The Committee explores the options.  The Board has to approve.


Mr. Imoukhuede asked for opinions from the audience.


Mr. Durley was recognized.  He stated the Holiday Inn costs money.  Having people in their own home school will have a bigger impact.


Mrs. Moten stated that at the Holiday Inn the individuals won’t get the community feel of a school.


Mr. Mynofu was recognized.  He said if the community wants to party it will go to the Holiday Inn.  He felt three separate meetings at the three campuses was best.




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Dr. Morgan was recognized.  He stated he was concerned about community participation at meetings and the vision for the school district.  He said the District needs to involve taxpayers with its meetings and give them a chance to collaborate at an open meeting.


Mrs. Owens noted the District needs to think about the purpose of a forum.  The three schools should come together.  There is certainly room for having a meeting at each school.  The Board already has its Board meetings at all three schools. 


Mrs. Norwood added that the Holiday Inn is a central location.


Mr. Imoukhuede noted that he needed to conclude this meeting at 7:30 p.m. He added he will try to have another Community Relations meeting in January.


At 7:30 p.m. Mr. Imoukhuede adjourned the meeting.