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January 14th, 2002

Board members present – Edwin Burnette, Celeste Caldwell, Julian Freund, Judith Lohr, Sonya Norwood, Betty Owens, and Otis White – acted on the following:


Financial Considerations __________________

  • Appointed the Personnel Coordinator and the Director of Fiscal Services as delegate and alternate delegate to the School Employee Loss Fund (SELF)
  • Adopted 2002-2003 Budget Calendar
  • Adopted 2001-2002 Amended Budget Calendar
  • Accepted a $2,500 donation from the Miller Auto Mall to be used for the Alternative School


Personnel Office Report___________________

  • Approved the hiring of Theophilus Cooper, custodian, Alternative School; Carlene Veal and Marsha Venditti, food service, East
  • Accepted the resignations of Ronald Farina, instructional assistant, Central; Douglas Klain, building foreman, Central; and Phillip Smith, instructional assistant, East
  • Approved the retirements of William Brockmiller, custodian, and Rita Roesner, food service, East
  • Awarded full-time teaching contracts to Jacqueline Ebben, math, East; Delores Floyd, business, Central; Joy Remmer, business, Alternative School; and Kimberly Kay, guidance, Central
  • Granted part-time contracts for Bette Vallone, English, South; John Ross, math, Central; Lois Merritt, English, Central; Jack Kern, science, Central; Byron Hyink, science, South; Larry Gibbs, history, South; Ted Spaniak, English, East; and Aurora Tyagi, math, South
  • Approved sixth-assignment contracts for Jack Mayer, Rita Belluomini, Ed Bye, Fred Jacobeit, Robert Kaufmann, and Richard Murphy
  • Approved Thomas E. Brim, Jr. as Director of Special Education


Teaching and Learning Report______________

  • Approved the addition of the following courses to the district’s taxonomy:  Expansion of Reading I Program, Business Law, Percussion Ensemble, and Basic Computer Technology


Superintendent’s Report___________________

  • Approval of the IHSA application for Cooperative Team Sponsorship for boys’ gymnastics for the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 school years
  • Announced the district received an Honorable Mention award in the Leadership and Learning

   Program for the Reading and Math Preparation

   (RAMP) program sponsored by the American

   Association of School Administrators.  Only

   three districts in the nation received this honor.