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Plan for Success

Part of our mission or goal as an educational institution is to provide you with opportunities to obtain the personal, career and technological education competencies and skills needed to succeed in school and in the workforce. Part of your responsibility, as a student, is to take advantage of these opportunities.

You have to start thinking now about your life after high school. Are you planning to attend a university, community college, trade school or business college? Are you planning to be a business executive, professional person, entrepreneur or skilled tradesman? Whatever your future plans are, you must begin preparing today. Regular use of this planner will help you to reach your goals.

As a Rich East High School student, two of the educational programs from which you can choose are a College Preparatory program or a Technical Preparation program. As a College Preparatory student, you will take a number of academic courses that will prepare you for a rigorous post-secondary education. As a Technical Preparation student, you will take these same academic courses in addition to a sequence of career and technical education courses that will put you on a path leading to a post-secondary education AND a rewarding career.

Think carefully about course selections as you map out your four-year plan. Review with your parents the different courses and programs that are available for you in high school; talk to your counselors and teachers about career options and educational requirements for those careers, then have fun and start exploring all that we have to offer. Remember, this is the time of your life when you should be discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes and build on those strengths. Above all, do not waste a precious moment of your high school years; think carefully about your course selections; get involved with extracurricular activities and work as hard as you can—you are making a most important investment in your future.

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