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Guidance Office

What We Offer

Our Mission Statement
In collaboration with educational professionals, we provide a systematic, structured guidance program designed to address the personal, academic and social growth of every student. Our goal is to promote excellence in professional school counseling and assist in the development of students into a community of life long learners and responsible citizens in a global and technological society.

Our Counseling Services
We strive to meet the educational and developmental needs of all students as well as respond to the special needs and interests of individual students. Our comprehensive guidance program consists of four components:

Guidance Curriculum
We provide guidance services in a systematic way to all students. Our goal is to empower students with awareness and skill development needed in everyday life. As counselors we are involved in the following services:

Academic Course Planning
Academic progress review
Orientation of new students
Process referrals
Personal, social, and career development
Parent/Contact meetings
College/Post-secondary Planning
School resource facilitator

Responsive Services
We address the immediate concerns of students in response to their unique educational needs. In addition to the counselors, the social worker, psychologist, nurse, deans and students assistance coordinator are available to assist students in the following areas:

Academic concerns
Special education intervention services
School-related concerns
Drug and substance abuse concerns
Grief and loss counseling

Individual Planning
We assist students in monitoring and understanding their own development. Student planning and goal setting will be addressed in the following areas:


Review study skills
Four year course selection planning
Review standardized test scores
Small group meetings to discuss decision making and problem solving skills, self-confidence development
Motivation strategies
Communication skills review

Career Development

Knowledge of potential career opportunities
Knowledge of career and technical training
Knowledge of employment expectations

System Support
This includes program and support activities to assist the efforts of teachers, staff, parents, and other members of the community in promoting the educational, career, personal/social development of students.

Services includes:

Teacher/administrative consultation
Parent education seminars
Counselor’s professional development seminars
Community involvement
Feeder School Articulation
School Improvement planning

Contact Information

Darlene Mathews: Freshman
708 679-3105
Stacye Hopkins: A-G
708 679-3104

Josephine Pulido: H-O
708 679-3101

Rai Flowers: P-Z
708 679-3096

Guidance Office Secretary
Eva Dixon
708 679-3118


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