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Evaluating Web Resources

On Evaluating Web Pages*

ABCs of Web Site Evaluation
From an article that Kathy Schrock originally wrote for the Classroom Connect Newsletter, here is an excellent article plus handouts and sample sites to be evaluated for a variety or criteria.

ALA’s 700+ Great Sites: Selection Criteria: How to Tell if You are Looking at a Great Web Site
Criteria developed by the American Library Association

Better Read That Again: Web Hoaxes and Misinformation
In this article from Searcher, by Paul S. Piper, Librarian at Western Washington University, discusses and offers examples of the various categories of Web misinformation.

Evaluating Web Sites, What Makes a Site Good?
Multnomah County Librarian Sara Ryan offers a readable one-page essay just for students.

Evaluation of Resources on the Internet
Dr. Anne Clyde’s lists of links to evaluation sites and bogus examples.

Evaluation Rubrics for Websites
Tammy Payton offers critical evaluation forms to help elementary, intermediate, and secondary grade students evaluate sites.

QUICK: The Quality Information Checklist
This colorful interactive tutorial, developed by two British health agencies, offers eight ways to check information on Web sites.

Teaching Zach to Think (Alan November)
This important article, written for High School Principal, describes the research of a fourteen-year old boy led to believe the Holocaust never happened.

Thinking Critically about WWW Resources and Thinking Critically about Discipline-based World Wide Web Resources
Esther Grassian of UCLA College Library offers points to consider when evaluating sites.

Using the Internet for School Reports
Boston Public Library offers a kid-friendly page designed to help with research projects.

Virtual Salt: Evaluating Internet Research Sources
Author and educator Robert Harris argues the importance of critical evaluation and offers advice through helpful acronyms.


Evaluating Web Pages: Why It's Important
The UC Berkeley Teaching Library offers this excellent activity that asks students to evaluate the quality of five sets of Web pages.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Susan Beck of New Mexico State University Library offers criteria using sets of good, bad, and ugly sites.

Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!

Students select two Web sites from the sets available to determine authority and accuracy, advocacy and objectivity, and currency and coverage.

ICYouSee: T is for Thinking

John Henderson of Ithaca College Library offers solid advice for students.

Kathy Schrock's Critical Evaluation Information

Here are Schrock's impressive selection of links and critical evaluation surveys for elementary, middle, and secondary students.

Practice Ranking Sources: High School (Valenza)

Practice Ranking Sources: Middle School

WebQuest on Evaluating Web Sites (Valenza)

Who Dunnit: What Kind of Web Page Is This?
From UCLA College Library, this activity asks students to distinguish among five broad categories of Web pages.

Why Should I Take This Author Seriously (Valenza)

Internet Search Tips

Illinois School Library Association: Evaluation Websites

Evaluating Websites

Michael's Internet Finding Tips
Michael Botos, a Connected University guide, has prepared this page with handy search tips. This is a fun, student-friendly page of hints for getting the most out of the Web.

Internet for Kids: Search Tips
Find out the best way to start a search and find almost anything on the Web.

ADAM: Boolean Search Tips
This site illustrates the mechanics and properties of a Boolean search.

Guide to Computer Training: Best Tutorials using the internet
This site is a great internet and search resource on Guide to Computer Training use the Web and computer with more efficiency.

*This list of sites was compiled by Joyce Valenza in this article ("Evaluating Web Resources") from the February 2002 issue of the Classroom Connect Newsletter.


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