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Voice Recognition



The meeting dates, times, and locations for extra-curricular activities will be publicized through the daily school announcements, on the school website, and on monitors located throughout the school building.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN CULTURE CLUB – Ms. Jordan – Focuses on enhancing student knowledge of African American Culture. Meets twice a week.

ART CLUB – Ms. Viramontes – Focuses on students who are interested in Art. Major activities are creating a yearly fundraiser and displaying art in the school. Meets weekly.

BAND/MAJORETTES/INSTRUMENTAL  MUSIC  –  TBA & Ms. Simmons -- Participates at various events including festivals, parades, showcase competition, football and basketball games. Meets five days a week.

BROTHER TO BROTHER – Mr. Stubbs, Mr. Everett, Mr. Taylor – Mentoring for male students focusing on college and career opportunities.

BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA – TBA – Contributes to the preparation of the world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academics, and technology skills. Students participate in individual and group competitions (written and oral). Introduces students to college and career opportunities. Participates in regional, state and national competitions. Meets two times a month on Wednesdays.

CHESS CLUB – Mr. Vlahakis – Competes in chess meets and tournaments. Open to all students including novice and experienced players as well as special needs students. We provide a comfortable place to hang out after school and learn something new. Participates in six conference meets, one tournament and state competition. Meets weekly.

COMPUTER CLUB – Ms. Thomas – Focuses on software programs such as Microsoft Suite and Adobe. Members will learn how to use the software and tutor others.

DECA – Mr. Archbold – Focuses on preparing world-class leaders and entrepreneurs. Students participate in individual and group competitions (written and oral). Introduces students to college and career opportunities. Participates in regional, state and national competitions. Meets on Wednesdays, twice a month.

D.I.V.A.S. – Ms. Argue – Mentoring focused on Determined, Intelligent, Vibrant, and Strong young women.

DRAMA/MUSICAL THEATRE – Ms. Gray, Ms. Bradford & Mr. Tribett – Become a part of Rich East’s award winning drama productions. Learn to act, sing, and participate in stage, lighting & sound.

FUTURE LEADERS OF THE WORLD – Ms. Gunby – Focuses on preparing students to be world leaders. Attends leadership workshops with students from other schools.

FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY – Ms. Conaway – Recognizes exceptional students in French and creates enrichment activities to expand knowledge of the French culture. Activities include an induction ceremony, crepe making and movie night. Meets two times a month.

GAMERS – Mr. Wilson – Students meet weekly for friendly competition while having a great time playing board games.

GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (GSA) – Ms. Drabick – Focuses on the core values of acceptance of everyone, providing a safe, non-judgmental environment, encouraging tolerance and respect,  and  being  true  to  ourselves  and  others.  Major activities include Ally Week, an annual holiday party, and the Day of Silence.

JUNIOR CLASS – Ms. Jordan, Ms. Spoolstra – Members of the junior class are eligible to help plan an elegant and memorable prom. They also participate in homecoming festivities and fundraisers. Weekly meetings.

KEY CLUB – Mr. Freeman – Provides community service to Park Forest and the surrounding communities.

MANUFACTURING, ENGINEERING & ROBOTICS CLUB (M.E.R.) – Mr. Wilson – Design, build, program, and manufacture projects using laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, power tools, high computer design software, and more.

MATHLETES – Ms. Georgetti – Competitive math team participating in individual and group competitions (written and oral). There are four regular competitions, a conference competition, and an end of  the  season banquet. Meetings are held monthly.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY – Ms. Roberts – Recognizes outstanding high school students through scholarship, leadership, service and character. Creates enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulates a desire to  render  service,  promote leadership, and develop character. Activities include the Park Forest Safe Halloween, Irons Oaks  leadership and team building, new member inductions, fundraiser and service hours. Meetings are held monthly.

PEER MEDIATION – Ms. Spoolstra – Problem solving by youth with youth. It is a process by which two or more students involved in a dispute meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems with the assistance of a trained student mediator.

SCHOLASTIC BOWL – Mr. Coughlin – Competitive club where two teams of five students answer questions related to the content a student studies in high school. The categories include History, Literature, Math, Art History, Humanities, Science and Popular Culture. There are three meets, two conference meets and a regional competition. Meetings are twice per week.

SECME – Mr. Freeman – The Science, Engineering, Communications, Mathematics, and Enrichment club is open to students who are interested in any field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Math. Members participate in a challenge at ISU and Joliet Junior College, the Rube Goldberg competition, and build a mouse trap car. Meet weekly.

SNOWBALL – Ms. Stadter – Allows teens to help other teens make healthy life decisions. There is a three day weekend retreat and snowball alternative evening.

SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY – Ms. Marquez-Florez – Club for students who are excelling in Spanish. Explores college scholarships and travel abroad. Participates in field trips, the honor society ceremony and art contests.

SPEECH TEAM – Ms. Seyfried, Mr. Grigsby – Students compete in their choice of 14 different performance events to develop their clarity, diction and poise while performing in front of an audience. There are rehearsals and peer critiques along with Saturday tournaments, regional, sectional and state competitions.

STUDENT COUNCIL (SCORE) – Ms. Pequette, Ms. Dunn – Student government group that develops school spirit, traditions and morale to serve the needs of the student body; participate in  community  outreach  initiatives,  provide monetary scholarship opportunities, host school dances while providing leadership to the students.
Meets weekly.

TECHNICAL THEATRE CLUB (CREW) – Mr. Wilson – Work with the team that designs, builds and paints the stage sets for our wonderful drama and musical theatre productions. Learn to operate the stage lighting and sound equipment.

THESPIANS – Ms. Lusby – Honor society for drama. Students must maintain a certain number of points to be considered. Explore all aspects of a production and learn their importance to the total production.

TURN UP SQUAD – Ms. Brooks – Student body spirit club providing positive support to Rich East teams during contests.

VOCAL MUSIC – Mr. Tribett – Focuses on practice and performance of vocal music.

YEARBOOK – Ms. Viramontes, Mr. Grigsby – Yearbook production involving taking photos and digitally assembling the school’s yearbook. Meets twice a week.
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