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Do you have a great idea for a club, and want to know how to get it started?  Fill out our STUDENT CLUB INTEREST FORM, and we'll get back to you with next steps for making your idea a reality! 
The important goals of student club activities are to give students direction in developing healthful living habits, discipline, leadership, teamwork, and respect for rules and regulations. Students must register online before being cleared to participate.
Cultural Club - Sponsor Ms. B. Stewart
This is a club… and a performing group! AFRO is an abbreviation for African American. If you are an American with an African heritage, or if you have a different heritage, but would like to know more about other cultures…then this club may be of interest to you.

Business Professional of America - Sponsor Mrs. C. Irvin
Business Professionals of America is a national student organization composed of state associations and local chapters serving persons pursuing careers in business and office occupations as well as former members. This organization provides the opportunity for the development of leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and career related competencies. Involvement in Business Professionals will enhance social awareness, civic responsibility, and understanding of business community.

Chess Club - Sponsor Mr. P. Jenecik
The Chess Club offers an opportunity for students to learn the game of chess and to practice chess strategies to improve their game. The club meets every week and students can self-schedule games when the sponsor is available. This is a fun activity that gives chess players a chance to practice and develop their game.

DECA Club - Ken Saam
DECA stands for Distribution Education Club of America. It is a club for marketing and distribution education students. The club is intended to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students who are enrolled in business courses. Specifically, all the Internship Class students are members of the club. This class emphasizes instruction in the areas of sales, product and services promotion, retail merchandising, hotel and restaurant careers. Transportation and human services careers are also included in the list.

Basically, all the careers involved in getting the manufactured product from the place of origin to the wholesalers and ultimately to the consumer are included in the distribution schematic. Computer tech careers are emphasized too.

Drama Club - TBA
Rich Central's Drama Club produces two plays a year -- one each fall and another in the spring. Along with the art of acting, Drama Club participants learn the technical crafts of lighting, sound, and set production. In addition, the students gain insight into the great literature of the plays they enact.

Ecology Club- TBA
The ecology club of Rich Central, known as "Time After Time," was organized for students who have a concern for their environment. Through participation in club activities, students can explore their environment and through service projects, students can help save or beautify their environment.

Flag & Drum Corps - Sponsor Mr. P. Crews

The purpose of FLOW is to develop leadership skills in students. The students attend a full day student leadership conference in the spring. The components of leadership are identified and modeled at the conference. Students develop leadership through a three-month process of planning and organizing the conference. Students from throughout the district work together to ensure that the conference is successful and meaningful to the students. Students who are involved in FLOW have become officers of school club, captains of teams, student council representatives and officers.

French Club-TBA
The French Club is open to all Rich Central students. During the year, activities are planned to give the members a better understanding of the French language and culture.

French National Honor Society 

Freshman Class 

Future Teachers' Club 
The Future Teachers' Club is a club for all high school students who may be interested in teaching as a career. Our purpose is to interest students in the field of education early in their school experience by providing: Information about career opportunities in education; and the opportunity to participate in experiences which develop the qualities and skills essential for successful teaching.

Human Relations/Show 
This club gives interested students many opportunities to learn about themselves and others and to develop and expand a global perspective that will help to fasten good will among all people. A strong multi-cultural agenda is provided for participants as an opportunity to participate in the Hands Across the Campus program. Hands Across the Campus is a versatile program that works with teachers, students and administrators to foster greater understanding of prejudice and its destructive impact. The program also seeks to teach students how to resolve the conflicts that occur in ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse school communities. The club meets every other week after school. The club also is involved in planning and producing the multi-cultural assembly that is held once a year.

Instrumental Music/Band - Mr. P. Crews

Junior Class - Sponsor Ms.Kim Jones
The Junior Class student government was designed to offer students an opportunity for leadership. The aims of this organization are to plan and execute Rich Central’s current year Prom and plan (along with the sophomore officers) for the following year’s Prom. Member’s of this organization will learn about the problems inherent in these activities and discuss probable solutions. Members will take an active part in planning for the Prom. Members will poll their peers for ideas for the Prom such as photographer, DJ, menu, king & queen court, decorations, etc. They assist the sponsors with ticket sales, fund-raising, homecoming activities, and planning in general.

Key Club - Sponsor Ms. A. Norwood
Key Club is a service organization for high school students, which operates under school regulations and draws its membership from the student body. Key Club’s objective is the development of initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practices.

Mathletes - Sponsor Mrs. S. Edwards
The purpose of the Mathletes is to provide a student environment where students concerned with the mathematical problems of today can compete with peer groups from other groups from other schools in the South Inter-Conference Association. At these competitions, members can learn about, as well as discuss current excellence achieved in yearly conference competitions.

National Honor Society (NHS) Sponsor Ms.Debra Wright
Members of NHS are senior students who are involved in extracurricular activities and demonstrate leadership, service, scholarship, and character throughout their high school career. NHS members also maintain a 3.50 GPA. Members are inducted in May of their junior year at the Annual NHS Induction Ceremony.

Newspaper (TORCH) Sponsor Mrs. Kelly Gochenour
The Torch is Rich Central's student-staffed school newspaper. The students involved in this club are deducted to informing, educating, and entertaining the students, staff, and faculty of our school community. The newspaper staff attempts to bring to light and bring about discussion regarding school, national, and world issues that affect every person.

Peer Mediation-Mr. Daniel Lawrence
The basic purpose of mediation involves an attempt to solve problems between students with a minimum amount of intervention by school personnel. Mediation is a process which provides additional structure to a process informally used by students and teachers on a regular basis. Mediation supports the purpose of discipline by seeking to resolve problems rather than to decide on a punishment. It also serves the philosophical position of the school by enhancing a greater democratization of the system and the personal empowerment of the individual student.

Pep Club
The Pep Club is dedicated to promoting school spirit. One way this is accomplished is by individually recognizing all athletes by placing spirit boosters on lockers before games. Athletic events are promoted within the school environment. The Pep Club also gathers media information from different sources and posts these articles in a display case before the entire student body and staff. These articles include student athletic accomplishments, student recognition, and faculty and staff recognition.

Scholastic Bowl- Sponsor Mr. E. Sala

Science Club

Senior Class

Sophomore Class

Spanish Club
The Spanish club promotes Spanish culture and language among the students at Rich Central. The club is a vehicle to enhance the multicultural curriculum and to broaden the students’ perspective of their fellow Hispanic students in the school and of the Spanish language in the classroom. The students engage in fund raising activities for charities, celebrate Hispanic holidays, and visit restaurants and museums. The Spanish club is open to all students with an interest in Spanish culture and language.

Spanish National Honor Society
The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, la cruz de Santiago chapter, is a nationally registered honorary authorized by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Members promote the study of the Spanish language in the school and in the greater community. Membership is by induction and open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who show outstanding scholarship in Spanish for a minimum of three semesters. 

Rich Central’s Speech Team is an academically oriented program in which students compete in Individual Events against other schools. Although students compete on an individual level, they are each contributing to the a team score while being able to succeed in their chosen event.

Student Council

Yearbook- Sponsor Mrs. K. Gochenour
The Rich Central Yearbook is The Oracle. The Yearbook student staff and sponsors work diligently to produce a quality yearbook that reflects the spirit and dreams of our "Uniquely Different" school family.



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